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Pre amp with Dac
Lots of options, especially if you don’t need analog. I would look at digital preamplifiers that avoid analog stages and provide attenuation in the digital domain. I would also look at units that can attenuate 24 bit signals without truncating bit... 
Best amp for KEF LS50
Best I have heard the ls50 sound is with Devialet 120/200. 
What happens if an MMG doesn't have a wall directly behind it?
Long wall is very likely the best idea.  
Magnepan 20.7
I would love to hear those from 5 feet away. Must be enveloping, fast, and dynamic. Have fun! 
Suggestions for Integrated amp.
.Are you talking about the D-Premier? Sounds like you need a degree in computer science to operate the thing...Actually just the opposite. D-Premier, 120, 200, 400, 800 they are all essentially the same. It is the most user friendly piece of gear ... 
Suggestions for Integrated amp.
Devialet, done.  No brainer.  
A thin and elegant system?
The Devialet 120 around $3500 used is a zero compromise component that offers state of the art amplification, preamplification, d/a and phono. Pair it with speakers you like that are SAM ready (I use ls50s) and there will be no beating it at 5k in... 
Best speakers for Canary Audio CA-301CA
Room size, musical tastes?  
Devialet 200 v Hegel H360
I run a Devialet, LS50 and Straightwire Special Pro speaker cables. I am 38 years old, and have been in this hobby since 7th grade. I have never in my life experienced anything like the synergy that this current system has. I have done tubes, soli... 
Finally stepping into the hobby after 30 years of watching from the sidelines
Sorry, did not see the post regarding the Cronus above until now! 
Finally stepping into the hobby after 30 years of watching from the sidelines
I think that the Rogue Cronus Magnum is worth looking at. It is tubed integrated with phono stage. The Rogue offers lots of power and since you are in a big room with speakers that are not very efficient I think you might want more than 25-40 wpc ... 
Active and passive preamp in one chain ?
Try a tube buffer from Musical Fidelity or Yaquin.  
***Advice Needed***Choosing Between Mini & Midi Monitors
Dynaudios do like power in general but the x14 are a much easier load than the 12s and Focus. X14 may work with 25 wpc and they sound great.  
Beyond Ayre Pass and Rowland
Devialet dual mono.  
Suggestions on a new /used amp for Focal speakers.
Tubes which leads you to Primaluna most likely at this price point. I have owned some of their stuff and it is very nice.