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KEF LS50 Wireless Internal vs External DAC ??
By running analog into the ls50s, all you are doing is adding a conversion from analog to digital to the signal chain (assuming this source has a digital out). That digital signal is then sent to the same dac that the digital inputs on the Kef rou... 
Upgrades on Dynaudio Focus 20 XD versus 200 XD
Old post but FWIW the focus xd 20 and xd 200 are identical in terms of electronics, drivers and sonics when the 200 has the latest firmware installed. When the xd 200 has the most recent firmware, even the Dynaudio app recognizes them as xd 20s. T... 
Is USB audio dying?
Which laptop to stream Spotify to integrated amp via DAC?
You don't need to care about the laptop's sound card if you intend to use USB. Is the laptop's sole purpose going to be for Spotify playback? If so, you might want to look at a Sonore Microrendu or other NAA that supports Spotify connect.  
Apple TV Streaming Sound Quality vs Streamer?
I would say yes. ATV does not support 24 bit streams and resamples everything to 48 khz so it is not a "bit perfect" device. This in itself doesn't mean that it doesn't sound good, but it leaves room for improvement especially considering your pay... 
Preamp with Dual Zone and Remote Independent Volume Control?
Many multchannel home theater centric units will do this, and you can essentially pick your price point. What else are you trying to accomplish by replacing the Denon? Just better sound? 
Suggestions for streamer in bedroom system
Aurilac Aries Mini or as already suggested BlueSound Node. Both have their own control apps and quality analog outs so you don't neccessarily need another dac. Wireless operation is very possible if you have a quality network. The mini will need a... 
Tidal only plays right channel, help!
Why do't you try to use the Brooklyn as a preamp/volume control for a few days and remove your preamp from the signal chain?  
Tidal does not post the cost to buy a song or an album on their site
Here’s my question: When a Tidal subscription lapses and downloaded tracks/albums will no longer play, does that imply that there’s some sort of DRM code embedded in the data? If so, does that digital watermark in any way degrade the fidelity? I h... 
Tidal only plays right channel, help!
Do the level meters on the Brooklyn's display show the channel loss, or do both still show activity/signal? 
Converting cd's to high resolution audio
CDs are encoded at 16 bits with a sampling rate of 44.1khz.  Your not pulling more information off the disk than what is there.If you want to convert to DSD and you like the change in sound that provides, great. If you have one DAC you prefer over... 
Does anybody not like Roon...based on SQ only?
Sure, I don’t convert to dsd in my normal practices. Roon or Roon/HQ player can either upsample or natively pass pcm at any sampling rate. AdditIonally, 1.5 Roon can now unfold mqa and pass to a non mqa dac which regardless of your feelings on mqa... 
Does anybody not like Roon...based on SQ only?
You can always plug HQ player into Roon if you feel that you need something more. However, as of recent (I want to say Roon 1.2/3) all the DSP functions in native Roon sound outstanding. I don't use HQPlayer much anymore.  
Newbie needs help on Audio Research and DynAudio Quality
Don't overlook your room either. It has an enormous impact on the sound. Try getting the speakers well away from the walls and listen in the nearfield. Do you hear the same harshness? Maybe, maybe not. If not, than you can start looking at how to ... 
KEF LS50 Wireless Internal vs External DAC ??
Might as well use a dsp to that allows you to color the sound to your preference before it is sent to speakers.