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3 things I learned from using MANY interconnect cables
Sometimes, the pseudo-science  on these forums is astounding ..."It had a wider frequency range..." Really? What exactly do you mean by this? Did you measure it using appropriate technology? Is a wider(r) frequency range actually a good thing?See:... 
What improvements did you hear in going from entry level to high end Audio?
I heard cash registers 
AC Regenerator
I am so glad we have clean power in Australia: 240V +/- 2V and 50Hz +/- 1Hz. In any case, I use a Monarchy Audio AC Regenerator for my line stage and to be absolutely honest, I can’t tell any difference with it in or out of my system. Having said ... 
Interconnects and non-believers
I have superb interconnects: 3 separate runs of plutonium tubes filled with cryogenically treated snake oil unshielded of course so I can see the radioactive glow in the dark. They sound out of this world.https://www.audioholics.com/audio-video-ca... 
Audiophile LP's
Anyone listen to Joni Mitchell's albums? Talk about amazing production values. Brilliant stuff. Audiophile? No, just well produced records. Audiophilia? What's that? A disease?  
What Matters and What is Nonsense
The only tweak I did was add a Monarchy Audio AC Regenerator to my system (tube preamp and tube phono stage) and it made a significant difference - more low level information. Nice. 
What used speakers raraely come up for sale
ProAc Response 2 and Tannoy Turnberry - both truly musical speakers. 
Two Type of sound and listener preference are there more?
Why would I want to listen to a system live, bright or whatever, which makes me wince and my ears bleed? All I want is, like my system, to have music which sounds alive, "present" yet with a "natural" tone as I call it. Like my TungSol 1958 5687 i...