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How is a CD read?
If the problem follows the cable, I would think that replacing that cable would be the first thing to try. Do that and get back to us...-RW- 
FLAC, WAV or AIFF question
I would personally go with FLAC, it is the most prevalent of the audio codecs and has very good support from all mfgrs. except Apple - big surprise there, huh?Nonetheless, using a program like dbPowerAmp allows one to transcode from/to virtually a... 
Excellent reference power cord made in Russia
Wow, $880 for a power cord? I find it very hard to imagine just how you could construct a power cable such that it justifies a price like that. Maybe they use Unicorn tears to clean the solder off their irons?-RW- 
Thorens Excelda Compact Record Player
That is so very cool, thanks! I guess this could be considered the very first "Walkman", eh?-RW- 
Good, basic receiver for $500 or so?
As posted before, Yamaha makes some very good receivers that are well made and sound decent.As for avoiding receivers with Class D amps - hogwash. There is nothing wrong with Class D amps and they are actually a very sound choice (heh, heh!) for a... 
Spectral SDR 2000SL about
I'm kind of wondering why you bought a 105 and then hooked it up to a DAC? The whole point of buying the 105 over the 103, which is less than 1/2 the price) is for the DACs in the 105...-RW- 
SACD transport for W4S DAC2 DSD SE?
Another vote for the Oppo products. They are very well built, sound great, are very flexible (will handle virtually any type of shiny disc), customer service is among the best in the industry, and the resale value is second to none...-RW- 
Which desktop speakers to buy $800
The Emotiva AirMotiv series speakers (active speakers, amps are built-in) have been getting pretty good reviews and they have 2 models within your budget...https://emotiva.com/products/emotiva-pro/powered-monitors-0-RW- 
Potential seller's strange policy
One thing not mentioned here is that the fees he has charged you are *his* to pay, not yours. If he didn't bother to figure the fees into the selling price that's his problem. PayPal and eBay explicitly state that the buyer is not to be assessed t... 
Pono anyone?
I think there are better engineered devices out there at or near the Pono's price that outperform it. And I have a hard time getting over the Pono's form factor, what were they thinking - make it triangular just to be different?I'd sooner purchase... 
Need some thoughts how to arrange the speakers
I agree with Bombaywalla - place the speakers and TV in front of the windows and the sofa several feet in front of the bar table (yellow area). This will give you the best sound quality AND it will eliminate any reflections on the TV screen from t... 
Emotiva Goes Brick and Mortar
Dan Laufman proclaimed: “By the end of the year, over half of our revenue will be derived from American-made product, and we’ll do it without raising prices.” That's a laugh coming from the guy who raised the price on the their flagship XMC-1 from... 
MHDT Paradesea Repair? New Tube?
Bbroussard, that was VERY kind of you to offer the OP a tube for free!! It's guys like you who make me proud of having this hobby!!-RW- 
1/4'' ding / chip on a glossy black speaker
I 100% agree with Chayro, get out the Sharpie pen and do the best you can. After all, we're talking about a 1/4" defect - this is hardly something to stress about. Dim the lights and enjoy your system...-RW- 
DAC question
I'd be looking at MUCH more inexpensive solutions. Take a look at the Schiit lineup of DACs, I think you'll find something from them that works quite well for reasonable money...http://schiit.com/-RW-