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Jean-Luc Ponty
Ditto all of the above. I opened a sealed Nautilus copy of Cosmic Messenger a couple of months ago. Get one if you can. 
Transformer volume controls
Some of my best listening time is late at night when the household is asleep. I play my Ypsilon TVC preamp at very low volumes and feel that I'm missing nothing from the recording. To be fair, the Esoteric front end is a big contributor to this fi... 
Bryston BDP Digital Player - MPaD Application
Hi First off I'm a dealer for Bryston. I use the BDP-1 in my reference system playing into an Esoteric D-02 D/A. The MPaD app is very easy to use once installed on an ipad. (I would buy the mini as it may be a little better size for a remote). It'... 
2x bryston 4b sst biamping or 14b sst single
Hi,I'm a Bryston dealer. If you mean 14bsst2 vs four 4bsst2, I'd go with the 14b sst2. Very nice sounding product without the extra necessary cables that the 4b's would require. Their top technology in a stereo amp. 
I just had my Audiogon account hacked . . .
Thanks for posting! 
HELP w Esoteric K-01
I'm sure you've checked but is your display dimmer set to on? 
Any good HiFi Audio Repair shops in S.F. Bay Area?
Nick Gowen at True Sound in San Jose. Fivestar rating. 
Mods to Altec 1569a amps by ?
How to identify a Graham tonearm
This one came on a Basis Gold Vacuume with a small clamp. It will be a few days before I'll have time to set it up, but I'm please to have it. It's really a trade in that I will pass through, but maybe I can keep it for a while in a second system. 
How to identify a Graham tonearm
Yep, I'm blind. 2.0 Thanks Dudeone. 
TAD 4001.What amp would you recommend on a....
I would bi-amp using a good 2a3 based amp for the 4001's, been there, done that and liked it! Wood horns if possible. Maybe KT-88 based amps for the woofers and and XTA or similar eq/crossover to control the two. 
Micro Seki gunmetal platter
I have a friend that has his 5000 resurfaced to a new unblemished condition. This is no small feat requiring removing, sending to S Calif. machinist and having the work done. You could find someone local, but the metal worker that did the 5000 has... 
Millenium carbon fiber cd mat and Bel Canto CD2
Loggie Audio is a dealer for these mats. There is a money back policy if it doesn't fit or you don't like it for any reason. If no one here has the answer to your question you may want to give it a try.Robin Loggie 
Review: ALLNIC HT 2500 Head Amplifier Nuvistor Tube preamp
CjfrbwLet me add my thanks for an incredibly interesting read.Robin LoggieLoggie Audio 
Arm Board for a Microseiki BL91
Try www.topclassaudio.comThey are expensive but may have what you want.