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Decware - any substance here?
They ARE dead quiet. No spitting, sparks, smoke or humming. No glue or cheap Chinese parts inside and no gaudy exteriors. Their value far exceeds their price, which galls some audio consumers who buy in part based upon a large price tag. The desig... 
Anyone using a Decware CSP2?
I have had my CSP2 Taboo combination for several months now. I first bought the Taboo, brand new from Steve. It was nice with my 89db Von Schwenikert monitors but you had to turn it up all the way. I added the CSP2, also brand new and what an imme... 
Anyone have honest opinion of Jolida amps?
In December 2005 I posted about Jolida and at the time was dickering over a like-new, used 302B. I bought the unit and it has been wonderful; it is not modified, save for a Jolida mod., the subwoofer output. I am using NOS Svetlana EL34 power tube... 
Best speaker for small 12x14 room 50 WPC tube amp
What would be a good sub to use in small room? The Klipsch reference line is really expensive. They have all different sizes and I do not know anything about these. 
Best speaker for small 12x14 room 50 WPC tube amp
How would Von Schweikert Monitors do with a subwoofer? 
How To Match Power Tubes
Buy a venerable, cosmetically challenged but properly calibrated Hickok tester; you will have the satisfaction of checking the tubes periodically. A decent working Hickok tester is better than money in the bank. 
Anyone have honest opinion of Jolida amps?
I began climbing the Jolida early this year with a used Jolida 102B integrated. Unfortunately it was not a good match for my Spica TC-50 speakers so I began looking for speakers to match. The sound was wonderful, though. I learned more about tubes... 
NAD 533 or Pro-Ject Debut turntable?
NAD 533 is basically the same thing as the Moth, which is listed here on Audiogon at $349.00, and the Goldring GR-1. Rega makes all three. They are better than the Pro-Ject because of the arm.