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Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Dan Knight. Jazz Steinway artist. played Montreaux 3 years in a row. Incredible improvisation. We also recorded him and sell the CD we recorded--so I have a biased interest. He is also my piano instructor--and a heck of a nice guy.Here's a link to... 
subs and small room
11 x 22--ouch. This is as bad as my office, which is 10 x 20. However, it works good for testing worst case scenarios. You will need something with a parametric and depending on the crossover point 2 subs can make a significant difference for both... 
How to insure shipping large speakers?
Global and Eagle Global are both good freight companies. They have to be crated properly but they will insure them. 
subs and small room
Duke offers a lot of "sound" advice. 2 subs are almost minimum, but you can sometimes get away with one sub depending on where it's crossed over and the use of a good parametric EQ. Quite often in small rooms the crossover point may be as low as 3... 
speaker/room bass modes
The Rives CD works with the digital meter as well, though it's calibration was done with the analog. The digital is within 1 to 1.5 db the same response as the analog in all the tests we've done. 
speaker/room bass modes
The two answers already posed are correct. However, there is a third answer (not direct at what you said, but it works). Bass traps. Most people think of bass traps as taking bass energy away, however, there are types of designs that actually chan... 
Need Passive Subs- Ideas?
Why not Talon ROCs? There are passive ones. 
most annoying neighbor?
Michael Fremer was once concerned about being that annoying neighbor because he listens to music (obviously), but does so sometimes loudly. Go to this page and click on the bottom right part about Michael Fremer and Sound isolation in apartments. 
Tuning a room - how to find a good pro
We do this all over the world. Our dealers go to the client home and take actual acoustical measurements, then we do the analysis and design. We have dealers in your area. www.rivesaudio.com 
Rives PARC parametric equalizer
I've done what Dotsystem does in a previous system and had no issues. The PARC is an analog device, no A/D and D/A and buffering associated with the time delays. You are right that with a digital parametric this could be a concern, but with analog... 
Bypassing a PC Sound card
If you are using the built in SPDIF out then you typically don't need to disable the PC sound card, although this could vary depending on the hardware configuration. 
Bypassing a PC Sound card
A high quality external DAC will improve the sound quite a bit. There are two ways to do this. Some PCs have digital SPDIF out. In this case you can just buy any audiophile DAC--something like the benchmark would probably be a good choice. It's pr... 
Diffuse Front Wall? Absorb rear wall?
LEDE was out of the recording industry in the 60s. It was for control rooms, not listening rooms. Go to this page. Click on the article "on the soundstage" by Chris Huston on the right hand side. This will give some insight into the differences of... 
Rives PARC parametric equalizer
Dotsystem is right in that the PARC bypass goes from an input across a relay to an output. If the PARC is totally out of the system you avoid the relay and the additional connection. My point about the test was assume that you must have the connec... 
Audioengine speakers
I have not, but I know the designer. He says it's very good mid and highs, but has very little output at the bottom end. The single column for right and left is kind of odd and provides stereo, but not a lot in the way of soundstage. Again--this i...