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Building an Audio - TV Room -- Help?
We have a whole section on our website dedicated to helping people like yourself:Rives Audio Resources 
Square room with vaulted ceilings
Square rooms are tough. Vaulted ceilings can be good--but not always. I would put your equipment in the room and take some basic frequency measurements with a test CD (we sell one) and a Radio shack SPL meter. See what the response is below 100 Hz... 
Digital crossovers?
I wish I could remember who it was but about 2 years ago at RMAF there was a guy that was demonstrating an open baffle 3 way kind of home brew loudspeaker. Well--sort of. What he was really demonstrating was a computer based digital crossover and ... 
Room size for large speakers?
Depends on the speaker. Room ratios are often as important as volume. Line arrays and planers have less ceiling interaction than dynamic speakers--so this can affect what ceiling height might be appropriate. Construction techniques can also affect... 
VAC Owners: Balanced or Single-Ended Cables???
5 Meters I would likely go balanced. 4 Meters it's questionable. 3 Meters likely SE. This of course would vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and environmental conditions. Low RF environments tend have less of a benefit with balanced than highe... 
VAC Owners: Balanced or Single-Ended Cables???
If the runs are short agreed. However, for long runs the balanced will likely yield better results. I'm running about 15 meters and obviously using balanced. 
Has anyone used "Quiet Rock" sheet rock in room?
Field observations are sometimes where discoveries are first made. We regularly learn things from builders and then incorporate them into our plans so that everyone benefits. 
rooms and sound levels
You can definitely overdrive a room. Unfortunately it's not a simple answer or magic bullet that will tell you when and how. Taking relatively advanced measurements and looking at decay times will show you what happens, but usually it's caused by ... 
Has anyone used "Quiet Rock" sheet rock in room?
Unclejeff--that's interesting and we will actually explore some possibilities of using that in combination with a layer of sheetrock and green glue in between. Same material layers (5/8 sheetrock) with green glue in between give really incredible ... 
Patricia Barber In Concert
I'll take a trip to Fiji for MY birthday. 
Has anyone used "Quiet Rock" sheet rock in room?
If want Metalica at 120 db and to be quiet outside--full on sound isolation, then separate wall structurs inlcluding Quiet rock (the heavy 160 lb a sheet stuff), floating floor, hung ceiling, windows are possible, but difficult and expensive, doub... 
Patricia Barber In Concert
Agreed. I've seen her multiple times. She plays here in Iowa City quite a lot as she's a graduate from the University of Iowa. She's also at the Green Mill in Chicago quite a bit. 
Has anyone used "Quiet Rock" sheet rock in room?
It is expensive, but does work. However, you should consider what your goals are. Is it to isolate the room? There are less expensive ways to do this reasonably well and you will likely have other sound leaks--so don't break the bank on one aspect... 
It's 2008. Why aren't there better options ?
Mostly bad spelling on my part:SOOLOOSNow I've spellled it right--sorry for the confusion. 
Hooking Up A Subwoofer
Use a crossover for subs. Many subs have this built in, or if you go with a passive sub you can use a product like our Rives sub-PARC.