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Review: Tube Audio Design TAD-1000 Tube amp
I'm using the TS 6550's and I find them to be very dynamic with a very good top end. The mids, if not as good as the rest of the frequency range is still pretty damened good. Run in the tride mode the 6550 is dynamic enough, especially through the... 
Review: Tube Audio Design TAD-1000 Tube amp
The ML are 89dB/meter efficiency with an average load of 4 ohms with a dip to 1.2 ohms at 20kHz. Not a problem as there is hardly any musical energy up there to worry about. 
Review: Tube Audio Design TAD-1000 Tube amp
I followed the directions precisely. In fact, when I set up the amps I had the bias control set at the top of its range and I watched the meter. When it went too high I turned the control to the opposite stop and the bias was set very low. At that... 
Review: Origin Live Tweak
I follwed the law of diminishing returns. OL only gives the "Ultra" a 20% better rating than the "Advanced", although the "Ultra" is twice the money. I figure I can swap out the DC-100 motor for the DC-200 at some point and get a similar improveme... 
Review: TAD (TubeAudioDesign) TAD 150 Signature Tube preamp
I too replaced a Counterpoint 1000 with the TAD-150. I concur with your review in every respect. This is a "giant killer' pre-amp and it cost peanuts. 
Best turntable for easy setup and no maintenence?
VPI Scout has received good reviews @ $1600.00 VPI historically require little or no maintenance. 
Record-playing Rituals?
I don't think so! 
Personal amp evolution
Pioneer receiver; NAD 3020A; NAD Separates, Dyna Stereo 70, PS Audio 100C; Future tube mono's 
Who R U?
I'm Robert, I'm married (second time and the last time to a lovely younger woman), I have 2 children with a third in progress (4/27), I am a Dean at a middle school and I build furniture as a hobby. I live 10 minutes from the ocean in SoCal and I ... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
There has been some achingly beautiful music written in the last 400 years. Interestingly, all of my choices are from the last century. Here goes:Samuel Barber- Adagio for StringsGustav Holst- The PlanetsJohn Coltrane- Ballads 
Record-playing Rituals?
What is with the Linn bashing?. I've compared mine to many tables from VPI and I still own the Linn. Not to say that it is perfect but the music came through more realistically for me. Set-up is critical and time consuming but when done right it r... 
Record-playing Rituals?
Though I use an ultrasonic machine to clean the stylus now, I previously used the striker on a matchbook cover. I was shown this trick by a real Linnie who used a seriously modded Citation II driving Linn Isobariks. An amazing sound as I recall. W... 
20 year old solid state technology.....
Open up a 20YO SS amp and one built today and you're not going to see much in the way of differences ihn any of the major parts. In fact, most of the parts will be made by the same companies! 
Review: Tube Audio Design TAD 150 Tube preamp
The pre-amp continues to get better. The soundstage has filled in and the frequency response is now smoother and more extended in both directions. Depth has become more delineated and voices, massed choral and solo are rounder, with more air aroun... 
What's Going On?? Sound changes every night
I have had this problem also, as has an audio buddy of mine. The most we can figure is that the line is cleaner and more stable at some times than at others. I have measured the voltage and it changes when the weather is hot, late at night, higher...