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Oppo BDP-105 ... DMP or DMR
I have the oppo 95 and is great with dvd and cd. Very good sound. If you conect it with any computer PCM or DSD stream no mp3 I suppose will be great. 
Which components to isolate
RusseYes you are ok with the silver cupper and gold in his order. Thank you. 
Which components to isolate
First you have to know some things about the characteristics of the current. Current goes trugh the easier way: 1.- gold, 2.- silver, 3.-cupper in this order if the gauge or caliber are the same. The current goes easier in thick cable than a thin.... 
Does it bother you?
Amazing sound music from your gear in your room is the outcome of a good gear and many talent people involved in its production. It’s a chain of good events and gear. It’s the result of good taste and knowledge. It’s a miracle made real. How th... 
HELP :: To set up Emerald Physics CS 2.3
Go you tuba and you will find videos about that. 
Suggestions for a good stereo preamp and amp
I would buy some pre and amp integrated. I think its better to link the same make in pre and amp. The gear you have, speakers and oppo are good. Maybe if you look for some of pass or first watt. The sound produced by Nelson Pass is warm, sweet and... 
Which is the best amplifier or the best choise?
No, I want to chage the amplifier, I am bored. I think an Halcro is cleaner and more acurated. Maybe I will go for that amp. 
Which is the best amplifier or the best choise?
Just two chaels.