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Mass and vibration cancelling on top of CD player?
dave, your understanding of the holy trinity (vibrations, AC & room) is impressive; if i had to boil down how to build a good sounding rig, you nailed it. appreciate your thoughts on vibration control. FWIW, i got great results with AC by usin... 
Amp/Preamp combo for Wilson Sophia 3's
then we'll disagree. i've owned both xa's and boulder, and prefer the boulder considerably. i understand why you like the pass. i just don't think you've heard the boulder in optimal conditions; the pass can cover sins, the boulder does not, if th... 
Amp/Preamp combo for Wilson Sophia 3's
bo1972, if boulder is so lacking, what SS amps are suitable for your listening standards? (i found the pass XA series lacking control, though they did sound pretty good). 
Your top 3 worst purchases ever
guess i'm better than most, w/ no horror stories. my list...1) soundlab U2s---just took me getting them installed in my home to know i hate stats. no cojones.2) audioquest redwoods ---these cables were single handedly responsible for another $25k ... 
Wilson Audio Sophia spike options
any change in sonics due to the stock gliders vs the Herbies? 
Song With Best Beginning
stones: cant you hear me knocking.iggy pop: sixteen 
Entreq ground conditioners - what's the theory?
not sure, but i'll say that when compared to floating the ground, my rig sounded better w/ TG Audio's AC conditioning box, which only conditions the ground using a specific combination of multiple bybees. hearing is believing. ground is a huge pro... 
80s Metalheads...sleeper picks
whiplash, ludachrist, anthrax, dri, early suicidal tendencies, rigor mortis, and of course, slayer. 
Miss ya Jerry Garcia - it hasn't been the same
never saw them live (!), but with several hundred shows on disc, i can offer the following opinion without bias of attendance:best years for JG playing: 77, 78, 71, 72. after that, 69, 70 and maybe 80. (FWIW, i LOVE my kezar 75 show, which IIRC is... 
Esoteric K-05 or K-07?
X series was amusical. K series is most certainly musical. --i covered this in my review of the P/D02 on UltraAudio. i'd have never owned an X series. In contrast, i'd love to have a K01. 
Are some of us losing our minds over upgrades??
while mid-fi gear has its limits, i've not encountered mid-fi gear that couldn't be improved on immensely with mods (esp digital and preamps). speakers are tough to mod due to the overwhelming influence of the cabinet (how do you mod that?!?), and... 
Questioning a/c isolation for digital.?
ran through a series of experiments last night and ended up where i was: when comparing putting my transport on 60/60 power (via 3kva signal DU tranny) vs adding a separate 1kva tranny downstream of the 60/60, preferred the latter. when comparing ... 
Houston TX
try jim meine at epicaudio@sbcglobal.net.class act, very knowledgeable 
Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications
fwiw, i've not heard the 105 w/ modwright mods. but my modwright 5400 is a wonderful player, and i do not regret for one moment having bought it. its in a reference rig (if you'd call my rig reference-caliber). that said, when i compared it to the... 
Einstein The Tube vs Audio Reaserch REF5
impedance matching w/ ARC gear is important; would not work well w/ Mcintosh, but no idea on input sensitivity of manley.did own eisntein mk1 which is a very nice preamp, responds well to NOS tubes, upgraded power cord and footers. biggest issue i...