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Brightest but shortest artistic bursts in the sky
donny hathaway.get the live recording. pure genius 
My Audio Research experience
i would offer: only buy products manufactured in the country you live in.my ARC 150 had a tranny buzz, sucks, got the upgrade to SE at some semi-expensive rate, but it was back in 6 weeks. the time is what pisses me off more. and a year is due to ... 
A Big DIY Bang for Your Buck?
i'd be most interested where you source your  neodymium magnets. i'm a believer, in all of what you wrote... 
Grateful Dead May 77 Box Set Announced
ordered. and IIRC, all of May 77 is now avail for sale (or was). and guess who has all of it!now, if they'd only get 5/8/78 for sale. --prob the best show i've heard. and i've heard a few (incl barton hall, which is great, i'm just saying 5/8/78...) 
Best way to Crossover JL Audio F110 into system
as an owner (soon to be former) of F110s w/ magico S3s, i think you should try to use the 24db x-over slope on the subs, the microphone room node optimizer engine, and your speakers run full range. then the issue is simply where to set the x-over ... 
Best divorce album?
jim james: eternally even.  
Top Five rock Bass players
phil leshmike gordon (phish)entwistlechris squire5) holding out  
The demise of the music CD inevitable?
the thing about physical media is the security of the software (no worries if a HD fails) and the process. sure flipping through media on an ipad is easy & convenient. but i'm single and i have cds stacked high and low. and if (!) a woman come... 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
grateful dead livederek & dominoes live at fillmore ezappa roxy & elsewhereled zep how the west was wonsting bring on the night (yes, great freaking live album)who live @ leeds (yes, thats 6, but they're equally great) 
PSU's for an Acoustic Revive RR-888 (or RR-777or RR-77)?
had great luck w/ this. R-core tranny & good parts. was a massive improvement vs stock (caused a physical sensation w the 888 for a few hours til i adjusted), and won in a shootout vs a couple others (not the high $ ones mentioned above, which... 
Help! Best amp for Rockport Aviors?
used boulder 1060 w rockport merak / sheritan to great effect. they need current and rockports are not bright in the treble. thats something else (could be cabling too, but suspect its spectral).pass & (older) krell would be good bets too. gry... 
Tube dampeners on ARC gear ... FREE TWEAK
oregonpapa, i found that aftermkt feet (both audiopoints and HRS nimbus/couplers) provided nice improvements in my ARC gear. guess YMMV. (better focus, lower noise floor, bass depth / power and info retrieval). 
Elevating subwoofer about two feet off the floor
i have 2 JL subs. they sounded far more integrated w the mains (magicos) when i elevated them 3" off the floor by way of maple stand.improved further when i ditched their stock soft feet for cone footers. i leave it to armchair theorists to disagr... 
Dick's / Dave's picks
pls hightail me raymonda! i need good mydland era dead!  
Dick's / Dave's picks
if you can find it, 5/11/78 might be the best show i've heard (yes, i like it better than 5/8/77, 8/27/72, 2/13-14/70). best LL>Supplication ever, monster Scarlet / Fire & Jerry going apeshit on Werewolves of London.