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Please help with Spectron Musician Issue.
Samhar and Elizabeth --Thank you for your responses. They are very comforting.I guess I have another question, then: Given the situation, how do I go about convincing them to replace the channel or the entire unit? What leverage do I have?I should... 
does temperature affect speaker performance?
I have Maggies, and have heard that humidity affects them substantially. My experience in humid NC seems to support that. 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Victor - Wow! That would be great, as I already appreciate the sound, though I do observe a difference from Redbook playback. (I needed to do this setup on a budget.)Can't wait!Rob 
Bo Diddley - Rest in Peace
Glory - If there is a jam session for Bo, it's likely to be a doozy. Think of it: With Bo Diddly laying down the signature beat, there's Jimi on lead guitar, trading riffs with Stevie Ray. Janis on vocals. Half of Lynyrd Skynyrd. L.B.J. over there... 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
I'm late chiming in due to travels.Still have the TP 2.0n (Amperex PQ White Labels), and still lovin' it.Victor - I did something a bit different for downloaded music. I've ripped my collection to Apple Lossless, stored on an external disk hanging... 
CD Player with digital input?
Resolution Opus 21. 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
They're in there, Mrjstark. The board on the lower right has 4 6922s. Oddidoo: I have the 2.0n version. While stock, I added in some Amperex PQ White Label tubes and haven't seen any reason to move beyond that point. 
can I get some opinions - bass on magnepan mg20.1
Magnepans, and their bass response, are usually extremely sensitive to room positioning. A slight change could completely alter your experience if you get it just right, so you may want to keep working at that. (Check the Magnepan site... I think ... 
Maddening HUMMMM
Maril555: "Why everybody is wasting time offering implausable [sic] solutions? I don't know the answer..."We offered "implausible solutions" because we didn't necessarily know the answer, either.Kolledog - glad to hear that you figured out the sou... 
Maddening HUMMMM
I was going to suggest the TV as well. Try unplugging it - not just turning it off - to see if that helps. Also, do you have any battery backup/power supplies for your computer? Knock those out as well.When you moved, did you move the system close... 
Buzz/hum from Spectron Musician II amplifier.
The DH Labs speaker cables are remote sense. I worked with DH to get the right configuration on the Neutrik connectors. 
Buzz/hum from Spectron Musician II amplifier.
Jswarncke - I had to send my amp back to Spectron because both channels just rolled over and died one day. I don't know why, and I don't think they did an autopsy on it. To make matters worse, when I was debugging the problem over the phone with J... 
Buzz/hum from Spectron Musician II amplifier.
Just the other day, I received my Musician II that has been recently upgraded to a Musician II Hybrid. There was a significant and new hum similar to what you've described... mostly heard about 10" away, but also noticeable from the seat during so... 
CDP caused tinnitus?
Jeffkad,What is "acoustic neuroma", and what was the treatment?Rob 
Balanced tube preamp for Class D amps
I use the Audio Horizons TP 2.0 (with XLR) to a Spectron Musician Class-D amp. Love it.