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Has the Oppo carried the AV industry?
Yep, I'm settled now with my EMM XDS1 after Accuphase, the modwright Sony 5400ES, and the early Playback Designs.I have the original XDS1, not the v2.Someone here said that he was always amazed by the reach of the EMM sound, and that description s... 
Has the Oppo carried the AV industry?
Thanks Noble100, Dbphd, and Mcbuddah for all that info, way more than I expected. OK, I am getting the 105D and will place it as an input to my (tubed) preamp/headphone amp (Apex Pinnacle) and see what happens with my DVDs.I use high end headphone... 
Has the Oppo carried the AV industry?
Will the Oppo (105)'s digital volume control work if I connect it via the analog outputs to my preamp if I choose this method? Does using this digital volume control detract from the sound quality in anyone's experience?Thanks.(It would be nice fo... 
Meridian 508.24 Service
I never liked the bass in the 508.24 (undefined, opaque).I bought it new in 1998 and liked the Accuphases much better a few years later, then moved on to EMM and never looked back. 
Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?
There's an interesting head fi thread on this in the headphone world in the summit fi forum. 
Should I trust movers with my equipment?
OMG, it's unanimous. Yep, I guess I brought us all together for a moment. OK, I guess there's a truck or, as I like to call it, a Ford Exhibitionist in my future. 
Shunyata Triton
I tried various cords, and and old original Shunyata Anaconda 20-amp cord works best with my Triton. Yes my amps are plugged into it. 
What's new about the "V2" version of the EMM XDS1?
OK, just DAC features then, no changes when used as a CDP.Good. 
Speakers with fullness and weight?
(Sorry I wrote "too" rather than "to" above. 
Speakers with fullness and weight?
Von Schweikert speakers are full and also have too my ears especially excellent percussion. Every time I hear VSRs I comment to myself how satisfying the percussion is to me. They are sweet and natural too from the mids to the highest highs. 
New Speaker for Under 5K
Check out the Joseph Audio speakers in your price range. I have always liked the floorstanders and every demo I heard of any modelover the years has been very musical with no obvious flaws. 
Anyone listened to LaHave Speakers
Yeah, just to give a perspective, for the last 15 years or so I've always gone to the NY shows and would always have a good listen to the well known midsize reasonably priced floorstanders/Monitors that would regularly be there that I really liked... 
Anyone listened to LaHave Speakers
My room is large-ish, about 22 feet by 13 feet, but I do sit nearfield and have them on the long wall. It may not be relevant here and I have never come into contact with any other Lahave than my own, but fit/finish/build quality/sturdyness is as ... 
B&W 802d Misleading Information and Scammers
I once had Aerial 10Ts driven by an Aragon 8008B (about a $2500 amp). I switched to a Pass X350 and they sounded like a new speaker, with a totally different midrange driver and tweeter, with ethereal and liquid vocals. I then became a 100% believ... 
Anyone listened to LaHave Speakers
I still have mine (for about 2 years now). Yep, natural tonality is what defines these speakers top to bottom. About the bass, I have heard (mainly at the NY show) some well known monitors (Harbeth among them) that have bass that seems be from a m...