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RIP Dave Wilson
So sad. What a great man. 
Meitner/EMM Labs Firmware Upgrade = Sonic Bliss
Should I be switching to the latest 3.30 (June 2016) firmware for my XDS1-V2 (that I had upgraded from my V1)?(This vs. the older Feb. 2014 version 2.20?) [Is this latest firmware for the XDS1/V2 or is it for another product like the new DACs?]Tha... 
Conversion to DSD: Does It Eliminate Digital Glare?
I’m reviving this thread just to say that I *always* mention that SACD is the cure for digital glare that can often be the downfall of regular CD, even Hi-Rez files. SACD magically avoids it while at the same time enhancing resolution, especially ... 
Ripping 700 CD's to HD using FLAC-How much space?
Has anyone ever had a solid state drive fail? I've had about 10 over the past 7-8 years and never had a failure. 
Chord Dave or Ayre QX5 Twenty DAC???
Has anyone tried the Ayre with headphones directly or through the analog outputs into a high-end headphone amp? Thanks. 
The demise of the music CD inevitable?
Actually, on some of my old Time/Life CDs,  after I ripped them using Jriver to my solid state hard drives, strange things happened. Jriver said some files were unplayable, sometimes not at first, but after they were on my drives for a while. Some... 
DSD vs. PCM vs. MQA - Group listening experiment
I could be absolutely blind. Any glare that is in vocals from PCM that keeps me from turning it up is GONE. The bass is solid as a rock, much more solid  than PCM. I have many things that are unlistenable in the first 5 seconds on PCM that are fin... 
DSD vs. PCM vs. MQA - Group listening experiment
SACD of things like the Stones, Doors, Carly Simon, Carole King, Fleetwood Mac and the like is so much better than redbook or even hi-res downloads it’s not funny. It’s awesome and I’m greatful whenever a new SACD is released, something far too ra... 
The demise of the music CD inevitable?
As for streaming, the problem is far-too-often a track is a non-original strange re-recording because of a copyright issue. Even worse, it’s often not even flagged as being non-original. This is extremely annoying and frustrating if you like popul... 
The demise of the music CD inevitable?
I have hundreds of CDs purchased new from 1986 to 1989 (I know because I made a big list in 1990) and with a rare exception they all play and sound just fine. I don’t know where the data or experiments on this idea that CDs wear out is coming from... 
Dac to remove Digital Glare/ edge
Chord Hugo TT. A bit on the dark side but beautifully so.Beautifully dark is the best way to put it. Great for rock/pop/shrillness in vocals or upper mids in general, but still full of life and addictive. 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
The Chord Hugo TT is incredibly musical, detailed, and spacious and non-fatiguing. It’s close to turntable sound. It is not peaky. Rob Watts is on to something that is very special in the world of DACs. It’s wonderful. (Somehow it is much better t... 
A couple basic tidal questions
Your amp controls the volume, not Tidal. Tidal has no volume control or equalizer. Your computer should route all sound to the driver for the Ayre, and when you install the Ayre driver, this should normally happen automatically (at least it does w... 
What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?
I would try some Grado PS1000e headphones for a paltry $1,700 and see if they satisfy your musical needs. Amazing sound there, IMHO. 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Thank you mattnhshilp! I'd be curious to know if it sounds calm in the upper midrange and with higher-pitch vocals.