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Best integrated for B&W 704 and Rega Apollo
Thanks for the responses thusfar. Artizen, I don't think I'm too reassured by what you say. Within a couple of hours you went from being in love to being almost ready to sell? Although I didn't like the MF A3.5 and A5 (I thought those were definit... 
Krell KAV 400xi, peak current
Thanks for the responses. I'm sure you're right, that they will power my speakers. Still though, I'm surprised to hear that they're 5 amps. That's pretty small compared to some others I've been looking at such as some MF equipment which is 50 amps. 
Krell KAV 400xi, peak current
Thanks for the formula, Audiopath. I'm looking for a new integrated for my B&W 704 speakers. They seem to want a lot of power. 
YBA Passion peak current
Thank you, D. Can anyone confirm that? 
Isolation for speakers on spikes
Thanks for the responses so far. Warrenh, I think I may try the audiopoints. We have the same amp, right, the YBA Passion? You think the audiopoints will lend the same benefit as the pods and also clean up rest? 
Are Classe Amps Good for B&W?
Thanks for the advice. I'm curious to try the Classe but I think I will have to wait for a local dealer to get one used, so that I can return it if I feel it's not right. 
Rotel RB 1070 bridged/ RB 1090
My speakers are B&W 704. If I traded out of Rotel, which amp would you recommend in the $1500-2000 range? 
Cambridge Audio 540R / B&W 704
Michael,Thanks for the tip. A friend of mine recently suggested that same solution, which I'd never thought of before. But unfortunately, the HK 110 doesn't have pre-amp outputs. Nevertheless, it is a good solution and frees me from having to worr... 
Cambridge Audio 540R / B&W 704
I had been to the CA website but hadn't noticed the forum. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it. Yes, my dealer will let me take one home, so that will be the ultimate test. But there's actually a debate raging now in my living room about whether or no... 
B&W speakers for Rotel separates?
Glad to hear that, Tgrisham. Do you know if he's using specialty speaker cable? 
Rotel 1072 vs. Arcam CD73
Jlamb, thanks for the input.