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Otomon Labs. Soundgate Japan
Thanks so much for this feedback. I've committed to a 2A3 and now at the stage of deciding on one of his parallel SE builds v's the standard 3.5w SE designs - more or less same price. I'm also going with a copper chassis. It will be a 12 week buil... 
Replacing Shindo screw type amp binding posts?
Thanks for the feedback. I've decided to try the change with Audio Note Silver Meishu terminals. They're very simple and have a relatively short post so I'm not adding a lot more metal.If I don't like I'll go back to a barrier strip. I've found th... 
Shindo Concertino 300b specs?
Thanks for the feedback. I've now taken the plunge and expect delivery tomorrow. If I need more info I might take you up on the link.Appreciate your help.Thanks 
Shindo Concertino 300b specs?
Thanks Swampwalker. 
Review: Acoustic Zen Matrix II and Hologram Interconnect
What a terrific (and helpful) review. Thanks 
Audio Space Ref 3.1 tube positions?
Dennis - thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.Peter 
Graham Arm on VPI TNT?
Thanks guys - I'll get into this and do some research over the weekend. 
Audio Space Ref 3.1 KT88 - biasing
Lucky enough to to pick it up on A/Gon from Singapore (240v) 
Audio Space Ref 3.1 KT88 - biasing
Terrific info. Makes sense now.Thanks. 
Audio Space Ref 3.1 KT88 - biasing
Thanks for the response - it's great to get this online help! So are you saying that "0" is the correct setting? That seems to make sense, but it's a long way from where mine were set. What tubes have you used? I'm thinking of Gold Lion, having ru... 
Zu Xaus or Furutech AG-12 phono cable?
David - Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. More for me to think about and considerPeter 
Usher Speaker Comparisons
Thanks for the feedback Semi. I didn't realise that the BE tweeter is available for the 729. Is it a proper dealer upgrade or a DIY job? 
Usher Speaker Comparisons
Good feedback. After a brief run-through the reviews they certainly appear well worth further investigation. 
VPI super platter upgrade with JMW 12.5
UPDATE ON PROGRESS - Had a quick response from Mike at VPI. They carry a 12mm 'sub arm board' ' as Cincy bob said. Only problem here is that it probably wont allow me to lower the arm so (as pointed out from Mike at VPI). So . . . I've rigged up m... 
VPI super platter upgrade with JMW 12.5
Cincy - now that sounds like a promising option. I've emailed VPI so will post the response. Hopefully the spacers come up trumps