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What is your favorite ''slow dance'' song of all time?
Put Your Head On My Shoulder 
Is there a rule that says we shouldn't post youtube links here?
Yes, I could see a lot of good answers to questions about audio through this forum. 
Mono vs. Stereo
Wouldn't it be different depending on the sound source? I think it would be better to listen to it on a mono channel if it was based on an output device like mono radio in the past.┬áTo add one more thing, the person who makes the music once told m... 
No Oasis For Dynamic Compression
Personally, I like to change the condition of listening to music occasionally, to a condition similar to the one I used to listen to in the past. 
Does anyone else miss the 80s-90s raving mood?
audio2design,I know I'm a newbie here, but I'm just here to talk about memories. I'm fairly sure no one in this forum truly thinks it's a bait and would bite like a fish. Or should I apologize to you if you were like a fish that saw bait? 
Jazz for aficionados
keegiam, Thank you for the link 
Does anyone else miss the 80s-90s raving mood?
petg60,The atmosphere overwhelmed by music makes me feel like I'm looking at a stuffed memory in a museum of my life. arcticdeth, A DJ playing Sodom and Venom? Haha! How cool! If I have any chance, I truly want to see your DJing. If there is a li... 
The Tragic Decline of Music Literacy (and Quality)
These odds aren't necessarily positive, the most likely way for people who think this is a problem to reduce the problem is to do music themselves. 
Artists you feel you can rely on, buy any new album unheard.
Jimi Hendrix 
Does anyone else miss the 80s-90s raving mood?
tablejockey,Nobles of the past would have said something analogous to what you said if they heard blues or jazz records. 
Does anyone else miss the 80s-90s raving mood?
I felt a similar atmosphere to what you expressed. And wondering why this kind of sound has recently reappeared. I personally hope the nostalgic era will come again.