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Can a direct CD to amp connection degrade sound?
Never worked for me. When I tried it, the system was all but unlistenable. Thanx,Russ 
I got a little rig what do I do now?
"I've got a little rig what do I do now?"GET A BIG RIG!Thanx,Russ(Get new speakers and start from there) 
What to keep?
I love the looks and feel of the 70's receivers but to my ear they are not very pleasing. I can understand the interest in them but it's like 70's clothing some things are better left in the closet!Thanx,Russ 
Is there an audible difference using peripherals
I've used EQ's and DBX units in the past but I don't now. I subscribe to the less is more bunch. I keep my system as simple as I can. THD means nothing to me, I can't connect low THD with good sound.Thanx,Russ 
Anyone Have Their Rig On The Floor?
I have a low shelf but as long as you don't put it directly on the carpet, I think the floor gives the best sound, turntables excepted.Thanx,Russ