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Speakers which always sound good
I was originally going to recommend something like Vandersteens (especially the ones with the powered woofers which can be adjusted to suit room problems) or small monitors like KEF LS50s that can be moved around easily.  But the more I think abou... 
This is DigDug's Wife; DigDug passed away. Need advice on selling sound absorbing panels
They look like a product called RealTraps, though I can't be sure.  New, with a stand, they would sell for about $370 or so each (you can check the dimensions and google their website for the prices).  You might want to try to sell them for 50-60%... 
This is DigDug's Wife; DigDug passed away. Need advice on selling sound absorbing panels
I seem to recall sound absorbing panels fitting your description that were sold a good number of years ago--maybe they were "Echo Tunes"?  One of our NJAS members used them with his Analysis Audio speakers.  They were not too expensive, I think (c... 
Location of instruments in the orchestra...
Some conductors prefer different positions for the various string sections. I have seen first and second violins on opposite sides of the orchestra, and sometimes the celli and violas are switched.  I have also seen situations where the company ma... 
The most criminal practice in the speaker industry revealed!! Keep reading
Kenjit wrote:  We must promote the goal of attaining perfect sound. That is what you signed up for when you became an audiophile. If you dont agree, you are free to quit.  I did not sign up for this goal.  I quit. 
Beatles best album and concert dvd?
My favorite is Revolver, but I agree that Rubber Soul started the change.  All in all, everyone has a favorite, but I'd be hard pressed to say which is the "best". 
O.k after making some adjustments the sound is off the charts.This is BIG.
I thought the King's chamber resonated at 16.2Hz,   Where did you come up with 368? 
EMM Labs or PS Audio?
When mine was updated, I was told that one of the sections (digital or analog, I can't remember which) was virtually the same as the DV2, the other not.  I have no doubt the separate power supplies and additional space available in the DV2 would y... 
Sam here and l just made a new discovry.
So next time I'm listening to my vegetables I'll be sure to listen for this. 
Looking for a phono preamp that has volume control
Well, if you want a tubed phono stage  with just one analog input, a friend of mine was very happy for many years with an Aesthetix IO phono stage with an analog input.  A superb unit.  Tough to find used, but I think they may still make it, thoug... 
An Odd Question
I would have to think that the strings would resonate and affect the tonal balance and sound in the room, as well as causing sound reflections.  Then again, I had an upright piano in my old listening room and didn't feel it affected the tonal bala... 
NOS Tube Vendors: Vintage Tube Services and/or HiFi Town- Experiences with/reviews of etc?
Vintage tube services.  Andy is honest, thoroughly tests his tubes,  knows tubes from all manufacturers and can give excellent recommendations for a variety of equipment.  He has my highest recommendation. 
New Turntable Direction
edcyn--I thought the same thing!  I seem to recall having a turntable that did that way back, not by any intentional design, though. 
Who, do you think, designs the best looking tube-based devices?
VAC, Jadis, and the old Art Audio designs. 
Best amp for kappa 8.1
Well, there are a few Krell KSA 100 amps for sale now which would clearly drive your speakers, as well as heat your home during the winter.  But you may need to re-cap them.