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Sue Kraft
Please accept my condolences as well.   Atmasphere's post brings up an important point,  When Valerie Kurlychek (aka Anna Logg) passed away, I helped the family with selling her gear, and the first thing I did was check with the manufacturers of t... 
Belles original 150 amplifier. Any good?
Agree with joey54, check with John Rutan, he knows his stuff.  They sold a lot of Belles amps. 
Kef reference 1/2 demo
Woodbridge Stereo carries the line, as does Audio Doctor in Jersey City, I believe.  Not sure if they have the models you're looking for on display. 
How is
Assuming that when you say you have two prongs in your preamp you mean left and right channel outputs, you just use one amp as your left channel and one as your right channel, and run the interconnects from the preamp accordingly. 
Best Tube amp match for Dunlavy SC 4A speakers?
I always liked tubes on the Dunlavy's.  My dealer used both VTL and, later, VAC amps on them to good effect--had he carried ARC then I expect he would have used them as well.  I would think a VAC higher powered amp (Phi 200 or 300, for example) wo... 
EMT STX 5/10 Step Up transformer
I may have had one--I got an EMT step up transformer that was matched to my EMT JSD5 (6?) cartridge.  Tried to sell the cartridge and transformer together, but finally gave up and sold the transformer separately, everyone wanted it.  It was a grea... 
Concert halls from around the world. What have been your favorites.
I saw concerts at Hill Auditorium ranging from Watts/Ozawa/NY Phil to Andre Segovia to The Byrds and Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, as well as chamber groups and countless others.  I wish I had been able to take in more concerts while ... 
They were well-regarded in their day, as I recall, though perhaps not as much as other top tuners of the time  Hopefully you have a good outdoor antenna, but even then I'm not sure what you'll be able to catch that far from Spokane.  I suggest you... 
Active Non near field loudspeaker
+1 on the ATCs. There's a pair of SCM40A's for sale now for about $8000.   
Purchase breaks well within 30 days
The rules seem to say that if the unit worked when it was received, the seller is not required to take it back, unless the ad specified otherwise.  I'd ask the seller if a return is acceptable, but I don't think the seller should have to take the ... 
This is subjective, but what has been the best sounding SACD you have had?
Tough to narrow it down.  I really like the Harmonia Mundi Tri-Cornered Hat recording  (Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Pons cond.), but the recent Reference Recordings Pittsburgh Symphony recordings  are excellent, as are the San Francisco Symphony l... 
Concert halls from around the world. What have been your favorites.
That's a true statement about recorded music, but often there is magic at a live concert that just can't be duplicated in a studio session.  That's why lI like a lot of recordings of live performances. 
Concert halls from around the world. What have been your favorites.
Carnegie Hall in NYC (NOT Avery Fisher Hall, never had a good seat there, maybe)NJPAC in Newark NJ Musikverein in Vienna (my favorite)Hill Auditorium (Ann Arbor)Smetana Hall in Prague 
Speakers which always sound good
If you want a stable stereo image wherever you are listening, mbl or Ohm would be the ticket.  Don't think the former would be something for the general public, though, at their prices.  I had considered mentioning line arrays, like Sceana or the ... 
Utube reviews hit or misses accuracy
I always have felt it was important for a reviewer to use and describe the component he/she was reviewing in its stock form; after all, that is the way it will be purchased by a consumer.  After that, if they want to experiment with power cords, c...