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Sony transport 24/ 96 dac compatability
I'm not sure, but I assume you're talking about using the Sony or another transport to play CDs, not DADs with 24/96 resolution. The Sony can only output a 16 bit/44khz digital signal from its digital output. It could not give you a true 24/96 sig... 
hdcd recommendations jazz or classical
All of the Reference Recordings releases for the past few years have been HDCD. The series of recordings with the Minnesota Orchestra, particularly the Bernstein disc, are excellent recordings and good performances, although there are some who bel... 
24/96 where to buy?
You can get Classic's ones at their website (classicrecs.com). MusicDirect in Chicago is another source, although I don't have their web address. 
Best Audio Related Story (or joke).
Here's a true story. When I got my new speaker system (a four-piece system with an active crossover), the guy who built it didn't have monoblock crossovers for me, so he gave me two stereo ones, both prototypes, to use till the new ones were built... 
Wadia X-32
My recollection is that the X32 was Wadia's attempt to produce a lower priced DAC than their multi-box 2000 and Digimaster 64, both of which used 64x oversampling vs. the X32's (you guessed it) 32x oversampling, in order to compete with the lower ... 
Rolling Stones remasters
I found the literature I was looking for, and my previous post made reference to the wrong letter/number combination. On any of the recent remasters is there an "SA3" process reference? 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
Rayhall, in the NYC area Audio Outlet may still have their demo unit of the Callisto, if you want to listen to it (they were listing it for sale a while). A short walk from the Mount Kisco train station, so not too difficult to get to. 
Rolling Stones remasters
Pops, in the blah, blah blah you referred to, is there any mention of an MP33 (or something like that) system or process used in the remastering? 
Top Ten Turntables of All Time??
I've always been impressed with the Basis Debuts and Ovation. Also, I have a warm spot in my heart for the Well Tempered, which is what got me back into analog in the late 80s and is really an innovative design. And a special vote for my son's old... 
Best DAC Under $5000 - Opinions Please
I cast my vote for the Audio Logic 2400 as well. The most "alive"-sounding dac I've heard. 
Analog vs Digital
My digital setup (Forsell Mk IV transport/dCS Purcell upsampler/Audio Logic 2400/Marantz DV18 for 24/96 discs)is almost twice as expensive as my analog setup (Basis Ovation/Graham 2.0tc/Benz Ruby 2/Walker Precision Motor Drive). The digital does s... 
Best "Hungarian Rhapsody" on vinyl?
The Koetsu is a wonderful cartridge; I almost bought one from Victor Goldstein years ago (he had a private stash of them, I think). If you can't get great string sound out of that, it could be the Golden Imports pressing, which generally were not ... 
6550 vs KT88 vs KT90
I'd suggest you ask the manufacturer of the amps directly. The new Jadis have transformers optimized for the KT90s, but I believe that VTL amps can use both 6550s and KT90s, so I don't know if you have to have a transformer specifically designed f... 
"Whose" Beethoven do you like?
I'll throw in my vote for the 62 Karajan on vinyl as a complete set, Walter's 3 and 6 (which I think is available on SACD) and the Klieber 5 and 7 noted above. I'm also a fan of the Cantelli #7, and it's one of the Testament reissues on vinyl whic... 
Yet another Hum problem
I'm not familiar with the cartridge, but it's possible that it is the culprit. Where do you physically have the turntable? Try locating it away from the other equipment, if not already so located, and see if the hum goes away.