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Tubes - Top hats, and Tube socks
Miketw-only one size for all the small tube types. Kevin Deal is right--that's the leanness I mentioned. See if they offer a money back guarantee. 
Tubes - Top hats, and Tube socks
Glreno--knowing Andy, and having seen them, I think they may be better. 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
Actually, there's a picture of it on the website. Imposing, to say the least. If you look closely, you'll see the Bose Acoustimass system hidden around it, which Bose dealers use to demonstrate the BIG sound of their systems. 
Tubes - Top hats, and Tube socks
My experience in a Jadis JP80 and JA80s, using the devices on 12AX7s, 12AU7's and 6DJ8s, was that the Top Hat's did a better job, focusing the images a little better. The differences between the two weren't earthshaking, but definitely in favor of... 
Gino makes a good point. Most of the reissues out there on SACD have been from analog tapes. Given my love of vinyl, I don't mind that, although the quality of those tapes is variable, and I'd prefer reissues from the best of the Decca, EMI and RC... 
Seniorm and Allie have hit upon what I consider to be the biggest difference I've heard with SACD, which is the ease and openness of the presentation, particularly when compared with red book CD. For lack of a better analogy, with CD I feel I'm li... 
6550 vs KT88 vs KT90
Trelja, just a note to you to mention that Jadis replied that the KT90s can be used in my old JA80s. I may get a set for when I run out of the NOS KT88s. Anyone with experience on how the new KT88s stack up against the older ones, sonically? 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
I KNEW that the fallout shelters built back in the 50s and 60s would eventually have a practical application! 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
Actually, if you think the speakers are expensive, I hear that Shun Mook will have a $350,000 resonance control kit to make them sound their absolute best! 
Too many variables, Keis. You've got to hear it in your own system or one with which you're very familiar before you can really make any judgments. A modest system (and I wouldn't term yours as modest) that is properly set up and matched in a prop... 
Records Everywhere - Help!
Eldragon, you beat me to the punch! If you like stackable, open wood frame holders, the Per Madsen Designs storage units are quite nice. 
Must -have SACD's
The Telarc Dukas disc, the Delos Mahler Second (the massive orchestral climaxes on this one are light years better than on the CD version). Both of these are hybrid discs. If you like choral music, the dmp Gaudeamus is very nice as well. A lot of ... 
Top Ten Speaker Cables of all time?...
Albert, a question: How would you describe the difference between the Proteus and the Dominus, particularly with regard to RF and EMI screening? I'm happy with my Full Spectrum cables, but they're no longer readily available and I've got additiona... 
Digital RCA vs AES/EBU connections
I have not made comparisons, but I know that Forsell prefers its bnc connector, even using RCAs with their supplied adaptor, to AES/EBU, and that when I upgraded my Audio Logic dac and asked them to add another RCA jack for my 24/96 transport, aft... 
Best Retailer Youve Done Business With?
I'll second the mention of Audio Outlet. Mike O'Keefe not only has one of the best set of ears around, he is also a top-notch turntable setup man and an expert on vintage vinyl. In addition, I have nothing but good things to say for my two local d...