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Great Small Room Speakers for $3-5k
I just picked up a pair of Acoustic Energy AE509 for my bedroom and I've enjoyed them so far. They're a small tower speaker with nice bass, no sub needed. New they were originally $3900 now can be found for $2800 to $3500.  
Acoustic Energy AE509
I did the online research before asking this question. I was finally able to pick these up and they sound very good in my system. Thanks for input.  
LSA 20 Signature Loudspeaker
Thanks for the input, I'd prefer a small tower with wood cabinets that fit in the room to a bookshelf on stands. Right now I'm using Golden Ear Triton sevens but want to move them into the livingroom home theater set-up.   
LSA 20 Signature Loudspeaker / Great Performer & Great $ Bargain until end of the year
I'm looking at these LSA's for my bedroom, the size is right and they look good. In the review it was stated you set them up 5 ft from the wall. I don't have that luxury. How close to the wall could they be placed and still sound good? I don't nee... 
Which device to use as the pre-amp
Russ69, I personally think the Marantz 26 wpc sounds excellent and so do many others, I'm in a condo and can't crank it up anyway but this receiver is crystal clear. Thanks for the responses I'll play around and have a little fun.  
Which device to use as the pre-amp
The A12 has the convienence of blue tooth for streaming and remote control functions. Also I use mainly at bedtime and can tell it to shut off in 30 minutes through an echo.  
12AWG speaker wire
Thanks for your responses and the input ,                                                                                       I just ordered some Mystarsound 12-2C . This was the 65 strand 12AWG. Speaker Wire: Made in the USA-High Performance...