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Tekton Design Moab
Souljasmooth-I take offense to your comment, I had an Astro van and it was much better looking than these speakers. The van had Better bracing, less vibrations, and the wires were all braided. 
Tekton Design Moab
If you go back a few pages you will see MC’s comments:For the first time in my life I'm starting with speakers with near perfect performance and virtually zero flaws. The best a component can do is nothing, and these do it better than any. All my ... 
Tekton Design Moab
Speedbump- you are the 1 that is wrong in many ways. Your post indicated “upgraded” not “tweaked”, which are much different meanings. You are wrong:1) MC claims his speakers are perfect! No speaker is perfect, no speaker. Then he claims he will be... 
Cheap/expensive or expensive/cheap?
Auxinput-a 10k system isn’t reaching the point of diminishing returns? Are you talking about $10k worth of cables? I hope so because a $10k system can still be classified as a starter system or maybe getting into The midfi range, depending on what... 
Speaker shootout update; aggressive treble eliminating some (fairly?)
The 1st thing that I was going to say about your list of speakers is you must really like cool and analytical sounding speakers. I would be able to listen to any of these for a few minutes max.A couple of suggestions would be the Usher mini dancer... 
Tekton Design Moab
MC- you have to be writing while your drinking again. You claim the speakers are perfect, you are so wrong. The stratosphere Magico, Wilson, and other $500k to $800k speakers are not perfect either, but they are damn close. And no, your moabs are ... 
Tekton Design Moab
It looks like the speakers sound better and better the more you drink and the more you smoke!  
Tekton Design Moab
Amg56-why would you send this review to stereophile? You want professional reviews in the audio magazines. 
Been away for a while, need some help
why do you think you need a dedicated streamer? I got rid of my Auralic Aries (which I thought was the best at that time) years ago along with my attached USB dac. Use a Mac or raspberry to run Roon and get a network attached dac, which is the mos... 
speakers for a large room
Used: revel salon2 or Usher be-20’s 
DAC Measurements vs Actual Experience
If you want a shrill/way too analytical/fatigue sounding dac, the benchmark is your dac. I would walk into a room at an audio show and know if it was a benchmark dac, I could only stand listening for a couple minutes before we had to leave.If you ... 
Educate me on music streamers, please.
I use the bridge II with my ps audio ds sr dac. Usb is flawed, use either Ethernet or i2s to a dac for best sound. Using Ethernet, your dac becomes an endpoint.You also don’t need a server/streamer in your audio room, keep the server in a differen... 
A challenge to the "measurement" camp
The guy in the video is a clown. I have watched a couple of his videos (mainly because posters have passed them along) and they are painful to watch. If he can't hear, then he needs to take up another line of work 
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
I sold my $14k turntable/arm/cartridge because my $7500 dac surpassed the sound of analog pretty easy. A good MQA or DSD cut surpassed vinyl.I had a very good collection of albums too but most of the new jazz I liked was never produced on vinyl an... 
Speaker placement and dB differences
why not move your listening chair to make the distance equal from each speaker and take another snapshot?