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Thick outer vinyl sleeves
Mylar record sleeves available at bagsunlimited.com as another option.... 
Your first amp?
Something from RadioShack; integrated w/quad option. $59.95 back in 1975. Thought it was very cool. 
JJ Cale dies...
I was saddened...Someone who I got to know when I was getting into high end hi-fi. Troubadour and 5 were two releases of his I'm particularly fond of. His all around contribution to music will be missed. 
Conrad Johnson Upgrades - A difference maker?
Thanks Joe and ZD542 - I wish I could "A/B" this! I trust that there would be improvements as you've put forth, it's just that I'm hung up on that lush "tubey" sound! 
Conrad Johnson Upgrades - A difference maker?
Well, Per Preference is some of this...I'm a big CJ fan. 1st tube amp I bought was their MV45 with EL 34's. I LOVED that sweet, a bit colored "tubey" sound. I sold it and picked up a MV60SE and did not care for it's sound as much (although many sa... 
Conrad Johnson Upgrades - A difference maker?
bbro,Thanks for responding. Did any of the CJ lushness (some call it their "house sound") diminish or harden after the upgrade?I do like a warm "tubey" sound...Randy 
Fisher 500-C Fisher Doctor
I had a 500C and a great go to for repair. Feel free to contact me if you need someone with great expertise on the 500C I'll get you in touch with him.Randy 
I HATE the song Salt Peanuts
I love a cold beer with salt peanuts - give it a try! 
Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" drove me insane almost
Huh! I have that CD with that same distortion! Makes me wonder how many others... 
What is your take on Mapleshade products
I've bought their brass footers and maple platforms and have been happy with both.Good luck 
Tubes going bad???
Thanks all for the responses. Having a spare set for evaluating the set in use is a great suggestion. This also alleviates ever being caught shorthhanded. 
Rega Mira / Cursa preamp sound improvement?
Hi James,I once had an all Rega system. Moved from a Mira 2 to the Cursa and Exon monos. There was some improvement but not a whole lot (to me anyways). I think this was due to the Mira sounding that good (and your 3 is even better) rather than th... 
Sota Sapphire arm help?
Contact Jeff at SOTAHad a similar experience on ebay awhile ago. I do not look for audio gear there anymore. 
Brass footers for speakers
Mapleshade would be another option.Good luck. 
Vintage Tannoy Monitor Gold vs SF Cremona Auditor
Hi Stan,Please take a look at Dan's Tannoys via his system link if you have not already - they're stunning! :-)Randy