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Great Organists in Rock
Merl Saunders although probably more blues & R&B than rock 
Best Audio Store Name?
Profound Sound had two stores in Denver around the early eighties. What a cool group of guys ran the shops and worked there. One of the first truely high-end stores in the region. Unfortunately, their demise came about as quickly as their rise in ... 
Suggestions for current blues guitarists
Another excellent blues guitarist UTR is Tommy Castro. He has a unique vocal style and his band is top notch. We recentlty saw Matthew Stubbs in the Charlie Musselwhite band. WOW! He could have easily taken ove the show if Charlie hadn't reined hi... 
Your First Vinyl Album.
Chhech and Chong "Big Bamboo" Laughed so hard I cried for the first half dozen times I listened to it. 
best vocal harmonies in rock
Pure Prairie League - who could ever forget Amy? 
Tubes for Modulus 3A
Apparently, my experience with tube rolling in the M3A is the exception to those previously stated. I've owned the M3 and M3A preamps for about 13 years and only replaced the tubes once in order to gain more midrange warmth and detail. Our local e... 
Cowboy Junkies
The vinyl version of Black-Eyed Man is one of my top reference albums - dead quiet, stunning realism (Margo is perched on my lap throughout), the mixing and recording quality is absolutely top-notch. 
Best Cognac
Excellent Cognac value: Daniel Bouju VSOP, about $35 at the big box retailers. Unbelievably smooth, wonderful nose - slightly spicy and some nice fruit. Round and rich on the palate, some underlying wood. Try it. It was recently rated third out of... 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Would agree with most all the examples mentioned. Hands down, the songbird I want singing me into the hereafter is Christine McVie. If her solo "For You" doesn't move you you're already in the next world. 
Vandersteen Model 7: has anyone heard?
Heard the 7's at RMAF this year in a very small room - surely too small for a speaker this size. They were powered by all ARC electronics. There were maybe six chairs in the cramped space and attendees were fighting over them because the sound was... 
What were the best and worst rooms at RMAF 2009?
This year RMAF was quite nice. I always attend on Sunday and the ’09 show was the least crowded of all the previous RMAF shows. As usual, every room representative was very friendly, informative and accommodating. Highlights: Grand Veena room alwa... 
Audible illusions Modulus 3A or Klyne 6L
I've had the M3 and M3A for about 13 years combined. Only retubed the M3A once to improve the midrange. Installed Amperex Bugle Boys and they made a tremendous improvement. Blows away the standard Sovtek's by a significant margin. Not sure you can... 
Meeting point at RMAF for Audiogoners
Haven't miised one yet...no reason to start now. 
What speakers work well with your BAT VK-55?
Of course, room size and source are vital criteria for any speaker choice. In my 21 X 13 X 8 room with an analog front end, the Audio Physic Scorpio speakers deliver outstanding synergy with the VK-55. Similar to most audiophiles on the 'gon I'm q... 
Grateful Dead Mars Hotel
If it is done anywhere near as well as the Terrapin Station MoFi, you're in for a treat. IMO all Dead albums, especially studio, are very well recorded, mastered and mixed. The TS MoFi is also very quiet and detailed. For many reasons the music on...