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Does it make sense to use 6k$ Nos tube with 5K$ tube amplifier?
Thomas, I also ordered  tubes from that website. I ordered a pair of Shuguang WE845 and a quad of Black Treasure CV-131-Z. I had reservations about ordering them directly from China but the website was very responsive with sending an order confirm... 
Drink of choice for serious listening?
Don Julio 1942 tequila, no training wheels. Maybe a Newcastle chaser. 
K. D. Lang is amazing. Hearing her live is just awe inspiring. 
50 years on---the brilliance of The Band and their astounding debut album.
I had the pleasure of seeing The Band in a small night club in Jacksonville, Fla. in the early 90s while they were promoting the “Jericho” album. Robbie was no longer with the group and obviously Richard had passed. I can recall standing 20 feet f... 
Wow moments while listening to vinyl records
I would add:Lowell George- thanks I’ll eat it hereMarvin Gaye- What’s Going OnGrateful Dead- RecckoningDavid Crosby- If I Could Only Remember My Name 
looking for the best cd transport only, without dac
I use a Cambridge CXC transport, run that through a Wired4sound Remedy reclocker to my DAC. Wonderful sound for the money.  
Jerry Garcia, A Legacy?
Just by chance I was listening to "The Pizza Tapes" with Garcia, David Grisham and Tony Rice when I came upon this thread. I was turned onto the GD in 1978 by a good friend. I have been to many shows over the years, some excellent, some bad and ev... 
Comparing these CD players with my gear...
An Eastern Electric Minimax is within your price range if bought used. It is tube based and is as close to analog sounding as any single unit I have heard. Good luck on your search.  
Anyone own or heard of PrimaLuna?
My experience with Primaluna, while not bad, was not as positive as others. I had a Primaluna preamp and it just didn't work with my other equipment. Never had a problem with the preamp just didn't work for me. I ended up with an Audio Note M2 pre... 
Anybody have an ANK (Audio Note Kit) DAC?
Tommylion, I have an upgraded ANK 2.1 DAC. Digital Pete, the original builder, put in Duelund caps and high end resistors. The sound, especially with acoustic music and female vocals is wonderful. I can only imagine what the higher level Dacs are ... 
What's been playing on your turntable and what turntable is it ?
Bob Dylan- Street Legal on a 1983 Linn LP12 with a Grado Reference cart. What can I say, I'm old. LOL 
Bottlehead vs. Audionote Kits
My EL34 was originally built as an integrated but I had Digital Pete (the original builder) bypass the preamp and I now use an Audio Note UK M2 preamp into the EL34. Very nice sound. I also have a ANK L3 phono and a ANK 2.1 DAC that was highly upg... 
Bottlehead vs. Audionote Kits
I have owned a few pieces of ANK gear, though I have never built one myself, and have found them to be an extremely good value for the price. I currently have a ANK EL34 amp with the C-core transformers and I must say it is a wonderful unit. I hav... 
Favorite guitar players not named......
I'll second the Guthrie Trapp nomination and also add Jeb Puryear of Donna The Buffalo. Phenomenal guitar player with a really good bang 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
As I opened this thread I was listening to Little Feat so I will go with:Greatful Dead- ReckoningLittle Feat- Waiting for ColumbusBob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band LiveJason Isbell- Live From AlabamaNeil Young- Live Rust