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Totem model 1 signature or Dynaudio 52
Rbstehno...Regarding your observations on the Model 1. I use to own a pair of the original Model 1s that I paired successfully with a REL sub. I later replaced the Model 1 with a pair of JMR Trentes. As much as I like the Trente I have never got t... 
VPI record clamp
Are you placing the small rubber washer over the spindle? It goes between the platter and the record. The clamp will not work properly without it. 
VPI new Super Feet for Scout/Scoutmaster/Aries
http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=vinyl&n=608762&highlight=vpi+feet&r=&session=Paste this link into your browser. This is not my table but it comes from a posting in a similar discussion on Audioasylum. I have the feet on m... 
Which Marantz SACD player sounds better?
Rather than dismiss your question by recommending a $7500+ player that you didn't ask about, I can endorse the SA15 relative to the 8260. I own both and can unquestionably state that the SA-15 sounds better than the 8260 (significantly better IMO)...