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What are the best loudspeakers under $4000 to re-create lifelike piano
You want coherence, scale and timbral accuracy for piano reproduction, and that's a tall order for moderately priced speakers. We did extensive auditioning last spring - have to admit that we hated the LS50s (didn't go low enough + clangy on uppe... 
Just saw the Absolute Sounds 50 Greatest Bargins in Audio
Seems very odd to me that they recommend the passive GoldenEar Triton Fives for the Mid-Price System...plus $1500-1900 subs??? It would be simpler and more cost effective  (not to mention better sounding IMO) to go with the Triton Three+ ($2500) o... 
Your advice to speakers designers
Prof, do you have pictures of your room? 
what speakers to buy
Oh golly, this is why I suggested the OP go on an audition trip to hear a range of speakers for himself. Different ears and different gears and different music and personal taste etc etc. I haven't spent much time with GE Triton Ones but I did aud... 
what speakers to buy
A second for the excellent Avanti Vs. I think (memory fails at this point) the Andras went lower. 
what speakers to buy
Dragonbtx, are you near Springfield IL? (You said three hours from Indy or Chicago. I live in Indy.) We have 3 dealers here, but a wider variety of what you want to audition can be found in the Windy City - a road trip is  an excellent idea. You c... 
Do I have to spend $4000 plus to get a better sounding speaker than GET model 7 ?
Yes, you can get better -  including in the GET line: the Triton 3+ for $2500 or the Triton 2+ for $3500. Assuming your front end and amplification are up to it, either of these GET speakers will give you everything you like about your present one... 
Anyone Had Extended Listening Experience With MBL?
Question for Inna: classical German orchestras have a rich, dark sound. Are German electronics typically bright and analytical? My main experience with Deutcshe gear has been he Lector CD players - and they're not bright. I will say the MBL integr... 
Most Beautiful Receiver / Integrated - Ever was... ?
I think current minimalist integrated amps are pretty sexy.I love the look of the Pass Labs INT-250 and INT-60 integrateds:https://www.passlabs.com/gallery/12#lg=1&slide=5https://www.passlabs.com/gallery/12#lg=1&slide=3https://www.passlabs... 
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Thank you, ghosthouse, from a fellow Genesis fan and digital heretic. 
Floor Stander with Small Footprint 7K - 15K
GoldenEar Reference or Ones. Audio Physic Avanti IIIsPSB T3sWilson BeneschI like my Led Zep and my Wagner with "impact". Yes, I do. 
Receiver help
I would also recommend one of the Marantz receivers and one of their CD players - look great, smooth and musical.  
My rankings of some classical violin music in high resolution
I don't know what hi-rez recordings are available from Gil Shaham but he is one of my favorite current violinists. For the greatest of all time I think that honor would go to Heifetz for musicality, if not for sound quality.I heard Henryk Szeryng ... 
Let's discuss radio programs
Little Stevie's Underground Garage is my favorite.You can hear Hearts of Space for free weekly on many NPR stations. 
Is high end audio to snooty for its own good?
Once upon a time, I got very tired of hearing smooth jazz and Diana Krall at what seemed like every gear audition and audio club meeting on earth. However, I don't begrudge any fan of that music their enjoyment of those recordings and I don't expe...