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The "most foolish" loudspeaker tweak/upgrade ... is
Because of Doug I've rewired my entire home.  And the lines into my home.  I'm trying to get comed to change theirs too.  Until then I can't listen to my system.    
Best interconnect burn-in method
Must become a debate or else these scrounges can't make the nickel they desperately need.   
Quad ESL 63- how should it sound?
But according to Doug you should just buy new. "I will be blunt. Old speakers sound better since... never. The only way you will make them sound better is through an improved system upstream." 
Most Important, Unloved Cable...
I think you're caught up in a fantasy fueled by your desire to sell cables.  Spend your money on brand new speakers.    
Linear tracking vs. Pivoted tracking tone arms.
I have a Technics SL-m3.  It's got a T4p cartridge on it.  Technics EPC-P100C MK4Preamp: Conrad Johnson Amplifier(s): 2 Dbx BX-1. Loudspeakers:   Infinity IRS Betas. Accuphase CD player.  I've had my turntable for years. It's got ridiculously good...