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No Dustcover for Turntable, What do You do?
I ran into the same quandary with my Michell Gyro SE. Final solution, which has worked out just fine, is "canned air". Just shake the can prior to use and give the platter and arm a light blast prior to placing your vinyl.Regards 
Marantz 2275/2270 vintage receivers
Ha! I still own my Marantz 2285 receiver purchased in 1978. I have never had a problem with its performance. I took it in to a local shop a few years ago for a dusting and cleaning and replaced all the blue lights just out of principle! The receiv... 
What is the life span of a phono cartridge?
If your table and arm are set up correctly and your vinyl is properly cleaned, 5,000 hours of life are not uncommon for good quality (Class B and above) cartridges. Forget the magnifing glass at home...not enough magnification. I use a high power ... 
Anybody using Audio Advisor's Record Doctor II?
I own one and am very pleased with its performance. In conjunction with the Disc Doctor cleaning products you have the tools and the talent to properly clean your vinyl collection! 
What's a phonostage, and do I need one?
Hi Nicko,I still run my 1978 Marantz 2285 receiver in a system for my basement. You can plug your table right into the back of your unit. Don't forget to attach the ground wire. It will work just fine! These receivers were unique in that you can a... 
Denon Cartridges ?
I purchased a Denon DL 160 a few years ago to replace the original mc Sony cartridge on my Sony linear tracker. Set up was straight forward and simple. I was very pleased with its sound quality, and I feel a good value for a mc cartridge. Because ...