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High mass vs Low Mass Turntables - Sound difference?
I couldn't help myself. You're such an easy target, geoff. Very defensive after popping off.Let me give you a "hooey" plug..¬†Machina Dynamica Morphic Message Labels sheet of 80 labels For any and all barcodes on CDsQuick, everyone, cover your barc... 
High mass vs Low Mass Turntables - Sound difference?
Geoffkait " What a load of hooey."Wow, is that the pot calling the kettle black. 
Need recommendation for a CD player
Cd's? Really?¬† 
Music Server format?
Sony hap-1zes=$2000macmini+psaudio direcstream=$8000 
Music Server format?
How savvy are you with computers? I have the Sony, and I couldn't be happier. Very easy to use, simple set up, sounds awesome. As for not streaming, it does stream Spotify, which is the best streaming service, in my opinion.¬† 
What's going on with the audio market?
55,40,0I too am finished, I think. I buy used gear, usually without hearing it first, so I have been through quite a few changes in equipment- solid state to tubes and back again. I found I like Dynaudio, bought some C1's for a great price, have a... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013
I too am waiting for a comprehensive review of the Sony. It may be exactly what I'm looking for- an easy to use unit with no need for a computer. What's the deal with the HAP-S1, that has the same functionality but adds an amp and costs half as much? 
You know you're an audiophile if--
The time comes to clean the carpets in your home, and you will not under any circumstances move your speakers. 
Nola Boxer or PMC TB2i???
I have owned Boxers for the past 1.5 yrs, and they are wonderful little speakers. I used a Rogue Atlas (65 wpc with similar tube complement as your Cayin), and the mids were glorious. I wanted more power, so I used a Rogue 90 for bit, but I like t... 
Harbeth P3ESR vs. Proac D1 with Peachtree iNova
I owned the Peachtree for about a year, and while I have no experience with either speaker, the iNova is a very cool piece. However, when I tried to use it as a preamp, and added a turntable and a phonostage, I got a maddening hum that I just coul... 
Your thoughts on these different tubes?..
I,ve owned two tube amps recently from the same manufacturer, Rogue. The Stereo 90 uses KT88, and I loved the authority in the bottom end and the headroom of 90 wpc. I have the Atlas now, and the el34 gives a fantastic 3d sound. A beautiful midran... 
Kenwood KD-500-Use it or Lose It?
Thanks all for the responses. Johnnyb53, I didn't realize that I needed to oil up the bearing. I imagine I can figure out how to get at it,but what kind of oil do I use? 
Kenwood KD-500-Use it or Lose It?
After Buying an arm and a cartridge, I'd be in to it $500. Would I be better off spending that money on a better table? 
Kenwood KD-500-Use it or Lose It?
The black widow came with the table originally, but I sold it a few years ago. I really didn't think I'd ever get back in to vinyl again. I see someone here has the arm for sale for about what I sold it for........ 
my peachtree decco experience, your upgrade advice
I have owned the Nova for the last 6 months. I am using it with Nola Boxers and Kimber 8tc cables in a 400 sq ft room. Sources are a Pioneer Elite CD player used as a transport, and an Apple TV as a server.My first impressions were just so-so. I c...