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Need recommendation for a CD player
Cd's? Really?  
Music Server format?
Sony hap-1zes=$2000macmini+psaudio direcstream=$8000 
Music Server format?
How savvy are you with computers? I have the Sony, and I couldn't be happier. Very easy to use, simple set up, sounds awesome. As for not streaming, it does stream Spotify, which is the best streaming service, in my opinion.  
What's going on with the audio market?
55,40,0I too am finished, I think. I buy used gear, usually without hearing it first, so I have been through quite a few changes in equipment- solid state to tubes and back again. I found I like Dynaudio, bought some C1's for a great price, have a... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013
I too am waiting for a comprehensive review of the Sony. It may be exactly what I'm looking for- an easy to use unit with no need for a computer. What's the deal with the HAP-S1, that has the same functionality but adds an amp and costs half as much? 
You know you're an audiophile if--
The time comes to clean the carpets in your home, and you will not under any circumstances move your speakers. 
Nola Boxer or PMC TB2i???
I have owned Boxers for the past 1.5 yrs, and they are wonderful little speakers. I used a Rogue Atlas (65 wpc with similar tube complement as your Cayin), and the mids were glorious. I wanted more power, so I used a Rogue 90 for bit, but I like t... 
Harbeth P3ESR vs. Proac D1 with Peachtree iNova
I owned the Peachtree for about a year, and while I have no experience with either speaker, the iNova is a very cool piece. However, when I tried to use it as a preamp, and added a turntable and a phonostage, I got a maddening hum that I just coul... 
Your thoughts on these different tubes?..
I,ve owned two tube amps recently from the same manufacturer, Rogue. The Stereo 90 uses KT88, and I loved the authority in the bottom end and the headroom of 90 wpc. I have the Atlas now, and the el34 gives a fantastic 3d sound. A beautiful midran... 
Kenwood KD-500-Use it or Lose It?
Thanks all for the responses. Johnnyb53, I didn't realize that I needed to oil up the bearing. I imagine I can figure out how to get at it,but what kind of oil do I use? 
Kenwood KD-500-Use it or Lose It?
After Buying an arm and a cartridge, I'd be in to it $500. Would I be better off spending that money on a better table? 
Kenwood KD-500-Use it or Lose It?
The black widow came with the table originally, but I sold it a few years ago. I really didn't think I'd ever get back in to vinyl again. I see someone here has the arm for sale for about what I sold it for........ 
my peachtree decco experience, your upgrade advice
I have owned the Nova for the last 6 months. I am using it with Nola Boxers and Kimber 8tc cables in a 400 sq ft room. Sources are a Pioneer Elite CD player used as a transport, and an Apple TV as a server.My first impressions were just so-so. I c... 
Recommended Bookshelf Speakers $1200
Third on the Boxer. Very sweet midrange and surprising bass when placed correctly. 
Need a SACD/Redbook player
Save your CD's in Lossless or FLAC format to a computer or an Apple TV, get yourself a good DAC, and save your money. CDs are going away fast........