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Like the new look to audiogon ?
Wow, I hope Audiogon is looking at the threads. It’s not just that people detest change, which is natural, but this is something nobody is behind and won’t be able to get used to. The complaints won’t just go away, but business will. 
Integrateds: Why do they all SUCK?
 dartzeel is a $25,000 piece esoteric is a $10,000 pieceMcIntosh 9000 is a $10,000 pieceThrax Enyo $11,500Modwright kwi200-$6100 with dac and phono, $5000 without. 234,000 u/f capacitance !!!200 wpc into 8 ohms, 400 wpc into 4 ohmsbuild an entire ... 
Anybody watch the Grammys tonight?
Roberjerman, you are too old if you’ve not heard of Bruno Mars. The guy is a wonderful, joyful, soulful singer/songwriter/dancer. Definitely the new “king of pop” very reminiscent of Micheal Jackson. Have you heard of him, or do I have to go back ... 
Gonna have to ditch the Soundsmith Carmen II
I have the Carmen II also. I use it with a Sota Saphire iv and Jelco arm. Along with a Manley Steehead phono Stage, there are none of the issues you have. 
Coming out of the blackhole called work...retirement
Congrats! I just retired January 2nd. So far,I’m loving life. Take your time and find something you like. That’s one thing you have a lot of now is time. You don’t have to spend a fortune, although it’s really hard to stick with a budget. There’s ... 
Brands that have the least depreciation
I have bought and sold quite a few pieces over the years. I don’t buy very many brand new components. The problem with doing it this way is I’m unable to audition various pieces with my gear. Therefore, when I get something that doesn’t work, like... 
Which integrated amp?
I have owned and listen to the Modwright kwi200 almost daily for the last 3 years. Here is my thumbnail review.PositivesPowerful- it has plenty to really make my power hungry Dynaudio C1’s sound huge. This amp has 100,000 u/f capacitance, along wi... 
Slight hum in my amp. Is this normal?
I have a modwright integrated KWI-200 that developed a hum that got louder over time. I finally had to send it to them and they replaced the transformer.if this is a new problem since you moved, I don't believe in coincidences.  
High mass vs Low Mass Turntables - Sound difference?
I couldn't help myself. You're such an easy target, geoff. Very defensive after popping off.Let me give you a "hooey" plug.. Machina Dynamica Morphic Message Labels sheet of 80 labels For any and all barcodes on CDsQuick, everyone, cover your barc... 
High mass vs Low Mass Turntables - Sound difference?
Geoffkait " What a load of hooey."Wow, is that the pot calling the kettle black. 
Need recommendation for a CD player
Cd's? Really?  
Music Server format?
Sony hap-1zes=$2000macmini+psaudio direcstream=$8000 
Music Server format?
How savvy are you with computers? I have the Sony, and I couldn't be happier. Very easy to use, simple set up, sounds awesome. As for not streaming, it does stream Spotify, which is the best streaming service, in my opinion.  
What's going on with the audio market?
55,40,0I too am finished, I think. I buy used gear, usually without hearing it first, so I have been through quite a few changes in equipment- solid state to tubes and back again. I found I like Dynaudio, bought some C1's for a great price, have a... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013
I too am waiting for a comprehensive review of the Sony. It may be exactly what I'm looking for- an easy to use unit with no need for a computer. What's the deal with the HAP-S1, that has the same functionality but adds an amp and costs half as much?