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Oppo Customer Service Review
I appreciate this feedback.I want a Blu Ray player which allows enjoyment of my stereomaterial. This seems the best bet. If there are competitors please advise. 
AC power delivery and Power conditioners.
Isolation of digital is vital to great sound.I use separate balanced power isolation plus additionalconditioning for digital and the improvements have been incredible. My pre & amp are on separate isolation and conditioning for each. It's well... 
Found Speaker After 6 Yrs,Bought & Lost In Minutes
I had same experience. Guy said "I 'think' someone got them before you". I'll keep my thought on that seller to myself; however, unimpressed I am. 
Best way to eliminate "common mode" noise from AC
Thanks Gbart. I appreciate your taking time to be helpful but I mentioned in my initial query not includingpower wasteful regenerators. I try to think green & buy the most effective,least expensive to maintain or operate, components. I think t... 
Best way to eliminate "common mode" noise from AC
Thanks very much for your inputs. I do use an Equitech 2Q transformer for common mode and some MIT products as well as good power cords and some enacom ac's.Playing with what I have has proven that ac noise is a complex problem(at least where I li... 
HELP - Building stereo room, need advice ASAP
use min 5/8 drywall and minimum double on wall behind speakers 
HELP - Building stereo room, need advice ASAP
I'd go # 2 . size and volume are beneficial and allow more flexibilty. Hands down.