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Power conditioning / surge protection
Hi Zd542. It has been observed that some products have protected against "direct hits". Don't forget that a now old trick is to lift the ground when making conditioning devices as a lot more noise comes in thru the ground than is generally appreci... 
Tightening Driver Screws
Don't want to argue. Testing for loose screws is worthwhile. Check mine periodically. Wouldn't want to locktight. Those drivers will keep drivin, and wood/particle board will compress, over time. Don't tighten too hard. Snug, play,resnug after a w... 
Anyone with cyrogenic treatment experience?
You could keep her that way between cooking meals, cleaning,shopping,bedmaking, laundry,lawnmowing, car washing & waxing, dog washing, fence painting.......... 
dvd player suitable as cd transport
Thanks Zd. 
why balanced power last before component?
Thanks Ngjockey. I don't follow. Could you explain?Thanks Lacee. My thinking has been like yours. Thanks for confirming it works ok the the Hydra 2 & 8. Very reassuring to know.Thanks to all. By the way, has anyone used on older MIT Z Stabiliz... 
The absolute "best" filter/conditioner for digital
Cyrogenic treatment experience?
Geoffkait thank you so much; provides opportunity for more research.Rsjm80. Thank you for your results. They substantiate the research I've done. Reassuring. 
Anyone with cyrogenic treatment experience?
The wife treatment is a wonderful thought. No more shrieking or screaming sound can come . Everything smooth and relaxed:) 
The absolute "best" filter/conditioner for digital
Thanks again. I particularly like Zd542"s Cable Company info-i will use it. Also,Brownsfan advice will be followed up.I agree with dedicated lines- but particularly if you isolate them with something like an Equitech or other balanced power transf... 
"What's The Best Value Speaker In $5k-$10k Range?"
I am rephrasing your question to:Given my room size & gear-esp amp, what is the smartest move up in speakers to give me world class performance, reveal the benefits of any other upgrades I make and provides "tremendous value?"Revel Salon 1.for... 
The absolute "best" filter/conditioner for digital
Thanks for the responses! 
Cyrogenic treatment for CD's?
Thanks for the input. I am trying to consider testing some as I cyro some power cords; MIT AC111, non-networked. Will comment again. 
Complementary power conditioner for recent Hydra ?
Well, not exactly a power conditioner for the power conditioner but rather a different kind of filtering of the ac noise.I have not found any product to be perfect.For example an Equitech balanced transformer is very effective but with additional ... 
Used, $1500 and not Oppo...
Lexicon RT 20 
Personal speaker evolution
going to salon 2 or Everest dd66000. Want feedback to help choose. Will not hear either before buying.