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Selling my dads top of the line system
traveldonkey sorry for your loss. I agree with what 8th notes writes.actaman, your musings on establishing a database of owned gear resonates with me. I often wonder what will happen to my guitar collection after I'm gone. Will anyone know the val... 
The Golden era of Japanese integrated amps, are we missing out?
ABSOLUTE best was small Sony FET integated , best sound I have ever heard .schubert, now you have me curious. Any idea what the model name was on that FET integrated? 
DAC - Aqua Formula or Aqua La Scala
@hgeifman I have a La Scala. I turn off the unit after listening. There is no stand by. I wouldn’t be turning it off and on multiple times a day, as that may shorten tube life over a long period.It is not hard to change the tubes. You need a Hex 2... 
Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?
I also have just taken delivery of a SIT-3. I think this must be from the second production batch. Halfway through the break-in now and sounds great.  
Pass Labs HPA-1
Thanks, kingdeezie and almarg.Yes, the lack of a remote and the lower gain on the HPA-1 are points against it for this particular application. I won't be running a phono cartridge, just A DAC with 2.2V output. I think I can strike the HPA from the...