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Need manual for Audio Technica AT666
Rugyboogie, I just got an AT666 yesterday myself. The manual has the title in English but remainder is Japanese so I was about to post the same request. If anyone in Audiogonland can help, you now have two requests.My thanks as well. 
Zenith alignment with Dennesen Soundtractor
Yes, I own a Dennesen and it is calculated from Baerwald's formula. 
What phono preamps are balanced
Are you concerned with balanced input from your cartridge or just balanced output? I would be surprised if many mentioned offer balanced input. However, FM Acoustics, Atma-sphere, and Boulder come to mind, and there must be others. 
Review: Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-IVa
Tweeter upgrades?Jadem6, not sure how much this answers your question but I spoke with Alan Hulsebus of Orca Design concerning Dynaudio tweeters, such as I have in my Duntech Princess speakers. He believes the D-28 and D-28-2 sound identical. As f... 
Boulder 500AE?
One caution. Believe input impedance is 10K. Several years ago I had two pair of 500AEs which never sounded right. Only after selling them did I figure out my tube preamp demanded a higher load. Wish I could hear them again driven properly. 
Isolating the listening chair?
You guys are all nuts! Why spend all that hard earned $ on Myrtle wood and US Gvm'nt Surplus bungie cord? A quick trip to the garage located a bicycle tire pump and a basketball inflation valve. Screw the valve onto the end of the pump hose, wet t...