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Using high powered amp at low volumes power
In my office, I drive my Reference Strada's with a 50W Wadia 151PowerDAC mini. I tried two different Peachtree integrated's including the original Decco which had an amp designed by Scott Nixon. I didn't care for either; not my cup of tea.BTW: I u... 
Shootout Apple TV vs Logitec Duet
I use a Compulab Fit-PC2 for a music server. It's not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes. It draws about 5 watts when idle and 6-7 watts when sending out multiple streams to my Squeezeboxes. With that kind of power consumption, it's no expense ... 
Squeezebox dropouts - another question
You can also hang a wireless N bridge off the back of the Squeezebox. 
Processors On the Market Now
Call your local dealer. For a small fee, they might come out and update the software for you. 
Where Can I Have a Box Made for Speaker?
Mirage is still in business. Call them 1-866-428-2122 
Squeezebox+DAC or Linn DS
How about a Bolder Cable modified Squeezebox into your BC DAC? Also, you could look into getting an upgraded power supply for it also. 
Best speaker at Walmart has those Pioneer's on sale for $50 plus tax, free shipping through 10/8. 
"Y" Connector: Can Split A Signal How Many Times?
Why not use 3 pairs of speakers and an impedance matching speakers selector box? This way, you only need one stereo amp, and don't have to worry about "Y" adapters. 
Bookshelf speaker with electrostatic sound
Gallo reference Stada's. Out of your price range new and some people find them ugly and/or weird looking. However, in your price range in the used/demo/closeout because every body finds them ugly market. Another to consider is the Sunfire CRM-2, b... 
Audiogon sellers, please stop and read this thread
Classic Nigeria 419 scam. 
TV 1080P resolution
Model #? 
New Logitech Squeezebox Touch
Discounted where? On the Logitech site it's full retail. Maybe Christmas sale. Amazon always discounts them. 
Your Worst WAF Incident
Another vote for a new refrigerator. 
Your Worst WAF Incident
Unplug the fridge to listen to the stereo doesn't seam very smart. Maybe it's time to have a dedicated circuit installed 
Why CD players will never be dead
Another vote for Steve. Who want's to be bothered with searching through stacks and stacks of Cd's. I have around 2800 Cd's ripped. My music server is not much bigger than a deck of cards and I can control my Squeezeboxes with my iphone. Spinning ...