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Responses from pkoegz

Snapped off my cantilever
Happen to me 3 times. dynavector xv-1s twice and clearaudio goldfinger once. Between I tried other carts but was not happy. After the goldfinger broke I went with Benz Micro LPS. Could not be happier. No worries and great sound. Never going back t... 
New favorite VINYL Album?
Guster's "Easy Wonderful". flat white vinyl, very good sound and GREAT music! Elton John/Leon Russell/"THE UNION". Fantastic record set. Really nice black, flat great sounding vinyl. great music. both have to buys ***** 
How many Lp do U have more than 5 of the Same
collectors collect! 
New favorite VINYL Album?
"Golden smog" before someone makes a remark