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Budget Tube Amp (newbie)
I'll pile on to the Jolida recommendation.  I've used a 502brc (60 watt) for a long time and it sounds great with my Snell Type D (~87db sens.).  Has some nice tube warmth but not too much.  More than enough power unless you want concert level roc... 
Subwoofer advice
Sorry m-db, don't get your post.  "saddened"?  Nothing wrong with having an opinion.  I welcome all information, and all opinions, as long as your not a d-bag. 
Subwoofer advice
Thanks very much to all of the bassheads!  Great info pretty much in sync with what I've been researching.  A bunch of good suggestions.  Seems like the consensus is 2 subs for my size room - makes sense.  Always wanted to hear Audiokinesis' stuff... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Yep, Priest 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
OK so part TT.  First Wilson remix Aqualung.  Interesting that most of the album sounds great, but occasional sibilance and one song (forget which) outright harsh sounding.  The recording or my TT?Now Chick Corea Elektrik Band Paint the World.  Ma... 
Subwoofer advice
Should have known to provide more info!  Noble, the rig I am using right now is the Schiit Saga (tube/passive) with the McCormack.  Sounds great but I know the tubes will be calling me back eventually.  2 channel only.  Budget really is $1k but co... 
Time to get up to speed (somewhat) with digital.
Yes, two USB out.  Also has a Thunderbolt port.  It's an older computer.  I will take a look at the RME.Thanks 
Bookshelf Bake Off
So I don't have a ton of experience with monitors but in reading that you are located in Georgia it reminded me of one of my favorite speakers from this years Chicago Axpona show - the LSA-10 Statement.  These are made on the east coast (hence the...