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Best thing to get
Look for a music store in your area, Talking to someone face to face or mask to Mask is a good starting point.Check out other buskers and ask them for a few tips.I'm with millercarbon on this one it raises a multitude of possibilities.Did I just s... 
Speaker advice for first hi-fi setup - Monitor Audio Gold vs. KEF R series!
Those Kef LS 50 W are pretty good speakers and great for apartments. Have you thought of adding a sub to the mix? 
Cable droop
Just keep in mind, never really supposed to see how the sausage is made. Might ruin your appetite! 😂 Never a truer word spoken. For the record, millercarbon can be insightful. insulting, intuitive, informative, instigative, and humorous, and that... 
Live CD Recommendations
Rory Gallagher Irish Tour 74Little Feat Waiting for Columbus-Too obvious but- The Last WaltzJeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scotts (great sound)Lou Reed Rock 'n Roll AnimalBob Marley and the Wailers Live and Babylon by BusDonny Hathaway Live 
Game Changing Tweak
It's not Rocket Science or maybe it is. I can think of lots of worse things to spend your money on. If it works for you well enough.Remember just because your paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you. Yes, I am sceptical but only when I'm not ... 
"Bridge Over Trouble Water" sounds artificial
Take some time and listen again. Sometimes the difference in information you're receiving through your system takes a while for your ears to become accustomed to. If it's not sounding brash or sibilant or harsh take some time and enjoy the bits th... 
Shipping. Hard Lesson.
Its a gamble on who (Im talking individuals)is involved on shifting your gear.There is no excuse for this sort of damage, its just numbskulls who have no idea on how to do their job.I worked in a freight company and saw people dropping boxes label... 
Where do you buy your CDs these days?
Amazon eBay et al are great but as cd seems to be on the way out thrift shops and 2nd hand music dealers can provide some great buys. 
What style of speakers to use now for Atmos?
I'm at this juncture also. My understanding is that the ceiling mounting is the best option sound and aesthetically. Plenty of speakers suitable for ceiling mount but someone else may be able to recommend their specific choice. 
Recommendations for HDMI cables specifically for audio quality
Hey, Thanks auxinput that's great advice. I will report back in due course. Might take a while to get here but Im patient and it should be worth the wait. The analogue outputs are great but it's just too much cable in too little space.Thanks again... 
Recommendations for HDMI cables specifically for audio quality
Thanks I had checked the previous forum and wasn’t sure if the Wireworld 5-2 would be able to transmit 4k or 8 k. The platinum Wireworld 7 cost is half what I paid for the Denon so maybe its a bit too much for my budget. Dh Labs looks interesting ... 
Concrete Audio Speakers...Speaker Enclosures made out of Concrete ?..
You would think aluminium billets would ring like a bell but they are used often. Concrete is a too general term for a number of different mixes which obviously have different characteristics. Which would be best for speakers, I don't know. As pre... 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Falling for the early cd sales talk. It was many years and $ later the error of my ways was forgiven.  
I think some cables are just a little too expensive.
1 in 6 children in America are food insecure. Pretty high price for the kind of “freedom” only cronyism creates. Expensive objects like this are meant to reinforce the identity of people who are so far removed from everybody else that they nee... 
I think some cables are just a little too expensive.
ChrisminiYour job should you accept it is...finding out what is in these cables to justify the price!