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During this isolation, I would be interested in suggestions of great movies you like.
Man Bites Dog. A black comedy (shot in B&W )and requiring English subs the story of a professional  Serial killer. I found it really funny.Ran. An epic Kurosawa. Ran is Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s reinterpretation of William Shakespear... 
Older Pioneer Elite Receiver Dropping LFE with Newer Audio Formats?
I suggest putting a blu ray player or similar (media player) in front to process the newer formats. I had a similar problem with an older Denon and put an oppo in to do the processing. As an aside I would still check the settings to make sure it's... 
Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store
Retailers are able to behave as they please ,no surprises there.Product sales require advertising and customers.For every tire kicker that comes in he will tell 20 other potential customers.Putting a fee in front of it limits the number of potenti... 
Anyone here prefer songs without lyrics??
Like them both .Booker T and the MGS Time is Tight is an old favourite.Topper Headen does a nice rendition also. 
Should music critics also be audiophiles?
It should still be secondary to the actual performance and writing. A great sounding performance doesn't overcome the issues of terrible writing and playing.No amount of shining can disguise crap and some great songs have been destroyed by too muc... 
Replacement amp for subwoofer
Details of the ailing sub? 
Best sounding concert dvds
Jeff Beck/Live at Ronnie ScottsSteely Dan / Two against NatureThe Rolling Stones sound on Shine a Light is great the performances not so much.Even though picture and sound are only average I've enjoyed watching The Beat from 1966 with Etta James, ... 
Wanting to test my system's (and room) ability to recreate bells - any suggestions?
Nice cowbell on Were an American Band/ Grand Funk Railroad.Great Lyrics also- "Up all night with Freddie King, I got to tell you poker's his thing" "sweet sweet Connie", in reference to the legendary Arkansas groupie Connie Hamzy.  
500 albums in a basement flood--worth saving?
Most definitely. 
Do Tonearms need servicing
If it's not broken don't fix it. 
Old vs New, an experience with Dynaudio.
Dynaudio makes great speakers. This could be a combination of the above. There are no guarantees that changing one piece of the puzzle won’t upset the perilous balance you had before. The key is to find a new balance point which can involve new co... 
Turntable placement and isolation
Millercarbon has put into action what I'm always meaning to get around to. Concrete really is a superb material for an equipment stand. I would add to this reinforcement of your wooden floor or ideally removing (only if you own the house and it ha... 
Turntable issue
My suggestion which I'm guessing you've already done is to check your horizontal levels.Is the platter perfectly level? 
Dynaudio Audience 52 vs 52 SE
Had both the 52se and 52 at home on loan. A few friends came round and compared.No contest the 52se was superior in every audio area. They both looked great and were really good speakers. Even though this is years old I added to it just in case so... 
How do I know when to use a subwoofer?
Not all music requires a sub, but or music that uses those low frequencies a sub is essential