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Tekton KatzMeowV3 or Zu Superfly/Essence?
I used to have Tekton Lore and Zu omen and I prefer the Zu much better. I sold both and replaced them with Tannoy Turnberry and never look back. 
Can any preamps for $2-3k touch Auregies-L?
Sold my Aesthetix calypso signature and keep my Shindo Auregie-L. 
Tubes for Shindo Aurieges L
Thanks Ahendler. Here is the reply from the very nice guy Jonathan Halpern of Tone Imports."The tubes wil be either ELC86 x 2 and 6X4 or LCP86 x 2 and 6X4- LCP86 and ECL86 are interchangeable. Either way, unless you've logged more than 10,000 hour... 
Tubes for Shindo Aurieges L
Now I'm really getting confused. So no tube rolling and I'll probably pay premium price If get the tubes from Shindo labs right? 
Used price for Rogue Tempest Magnum?
Roccl007,Is there supposed to be a link on your post?Thanks,Pinoy6 
Perfect sound Now what?
Bike, hike, climb, swim, you'll feel much better. Then relax and listen to music. 
The Beatles Mono Box Set or The Beatles Stereo???
From reading the reviews here in Audiogon and Amazon, I think I'm getting the mono set. Which Beatles stereo CD should I get in addition to the mono set to complete my Beatles collection? 
Fun Little Project for improving Dynamics
Stop smoking that methyst crystals!!! 
Can you use a Magnepan MG12 as a Center speaker?
Duke, Would the radiation pattern width be better than the CC3 36" x 10.5" x 5.5" or other Magnepan center speaker which are all smaller than the MG12? 
Any Magnepan 1.6 owner who upgraded to 1.7?
Thanks everyone, I think I'm ready to order a pair of 1.7 My local dealer said 3 to 4 months or maybe longer. Thesoundhouse, How long did you wait before you get your 1.7? 
Review: Tidal Sunray Speaker
For $60,000 a pair then it better be good. 
Most unusual/mesmerizing female voice.
One of my favorite, Brandi Carlile. and let not forget the late Eva Cassidy. 
Small Speakers for Small Room, Close to Back Wall?
Linn Katan 
subwoofer question
Get a newer one, those subwoofer amps don't last forever. I got two (HSU & A/D/S)subs that both amps just stop working after a few years. 
Where to buy power transistor in small qty?
Thanks to you Al and Todd.