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diffuser or absorption panels, which would you choose?
In my case, in my room and my equipment,  the result using diffusers is 3D imaging, separation between instruments, clear sound. I encourage you to try with N7 panels at the back of the speakers. It’s a kind of magic in the image sound. Later, wh... 
Speakers that are good with tubes
Hi lewl28, I’m the happy combo owner Atma-Sphere MA-1/ Soundlab U-545. From symphonic to female voices, from bass to cymbals, the best I ever had. Total satisfaction every time I turn it on, as Sinatra said: “You do something to me, Vudu” Very... 
Hum on Tube Amp - Can't find source
Hi ervikingo: Are you using a dedicated line? Try to twist to single wires between them and connect from main breaker to your amps. This is one way to avoid some frequencies to interfer. You can also remove ground fir a while from your socket. ... 
Pleasurably better, not measurably better
Here’s my dedicated room front door panel phrase: ”You can listen all you mesure, but you can’t mesure all you listen” Mainly, you can’t mesure sound perception. Do you agree?    
Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music
Hi Jazzydrummer, As it supposed to be, everyone is in love of the carefully build own sound equipment. In my case, I’m in love of mine, a pair of Atma-Sphere MA1 driving Soundlab U-545. Real sound. Electrostatic sound is fantastic. For instanc... 
Flexible Carbon/Graphene Analog
Hi Jaymark, I’ve just received the Mad Scientist Carbon Graphene phono interconnects. I’m warming up, but first impression in all terms speed, clarity, bass control… everything is upgraded. Thanks for you tip  
Phono Stage upgrade to complement Dohmann Helix One Mk 2
Take a view on  Tube Kronos Phono preamp 2 inputs, RIAA options full Tube Operation. You can see it in my system, sounds superb.  
Flexible Carbon/Graphene Analog
Hi Jaymark, thank you very much for contribution. In fact, I want to use in my Phono section to improve clarity and speed. I think I ´ll try them. By the way, have you ever used the enhacer?  
“Advanced sound”
Thanks folks, I was concerned about some problem in Azimuth, VTA ... adjustment and I've been changing the settings to avoid this pre-echo. without significant results. Antileon is updated with complete condensers set. Sounds pretty good. ,  
Everybody (Tipo)Thanks atmasphere9, I´ve been talking to them. 
Sorry every body, finally I contacted. 
I´m triyng to contact  Soundlab but I have no answer on phone neither on e-mail.Can anyone help me? 
Are Quicksilver power tube amps in the same league as VAC, VTL, BAT, ARC, ...?
Hi ihchoI´m a happy owner of a pair of 80W mono QuicSilver amplifiers for more than 25 years driving the Melior One speakers - in my secong equipment- and the sound and pleasure playing a Mozart Quartet or Kid Ory Blues is charming.Power election ... 
Turntable isolation platform Recommendations?
Hi iconicaudio:Not only agree with millercarbon, but I’ve bern usin for years the Townshend platform with SONDEK/EKOS/LINGO and music is more open and bright, and bass more strict.Not only with turntable, but I’m still using Townshend platforms  w... 
mijostyn: Hope you and your wife enjoy the new house renovation.Thanks for your  masterclass, take taking note of every detail.Before you go forward, give a chance to KRONOS TURNTABLE.My experience (and humble opinion) with "deep vinyl track" p...