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Anyone had D1100 with MCT450 review yet?
Hello,I currently have the MCT450 paired with the D150 and it is indeed very good. Quiet, quick, no fuss and certainly not metallic sound as PS Audio for instance. I got recently a feedback for McIntoshLab telling me the DAC inside the D1100 is su... 
Krell Intergrateds..how come nobody likes em?
I have earlier owned one Krell KAV 300i and then even created a bi-amplification with the addition of a Krell KAV 150a. These where VERY good products for the money. Althought the 150a is quite rare, you should be able to find a 300i on the second... 
MBL amplifier
I have myself a pair of 8011 M. They are of the "Noble" line from MBL. VERY good amps. Driving big Prodigy from Martin Logan without any problem. And these loudspeakers are especially difficult to drive since mid-range and treble is often around 1... 
MBL amplifier
Got a (recent) pair of MBL 8011M. Great sound. Lots of details, very natural, bass and treble are equaly present (contrary to Krell I used to have). They drive a pair of "Prodigy" from Martin Logan without any problem. 
Krell KAS-2
Hello,I am very tempting by bying a pair of KAS-2. I am wondering if you contacted Krell and if your amps are still that hot ?!?Thank you for all information and comments you can have on these amps.Regards,