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Problems getting the best out of my Berning
Hello All,Thanks for your suggestions! I’ll try to provide answers, and then highlight the remaining questions that arise from consideral all the responses:1. As for the preamp – I’ve run it with and without a Rogue 66. In both cases, I still get ... 
Review: Totem Acoustics Model 1 Monitor
I assume this review is for the model 1, not the signature version? Has anyone compared the signature to the original (besides the review update in Stereophile)? If so, please enlighten us. Thanks. 
Differences between Totem Model 1- bi vs Model 1-Sig
I recently listened to the Model-1s and the Mani-2s monitors. The Mani-2s sounded alot like my Proac 2.5's - a very balanced sound that didn't indicate the need for a sub. The Model-1s had incredible soundstage, though it seemed a bit emphasized i... 
Audiogoners Anonymous?
Geez - i can't believe I'm number 17 to get onto this thread! Where have I been all day (flying to San Francisco). 
Well, What's the Verdict on the Cary 308T
Sorry about that. I didn't realize what the "T" standed for. I'll be interested in hearing if anyone upgraded from the standard to the tubed output, and how it changed the sound. 
Well, What's the Verdict on the Cary 308T
Well, I've had the unit for about a month now. I placed a comparison of it, the Heart CD 6000, and the Arcam FMJ CD23 on bottom of the following forum:Cary CDP ComparisonTo summaryize about the Cary (worth reading the whole comparison): This unit ... 
Pass Aleph vs. McCormack: What to Expect?
I would like to try an Aleph 5 to see how it compares in sound to the Aleph 3. The Aleph 3 has such a nice sound, and my Proac 2.5's do OK on the bass, though there could be more. What is disconcerting is that I have to turn the volume control on ... 
Pass Aleph vs. McCormack: What to Expect?
If Alas lacks bass due to lack of power, will I get more bass by bi-amping? 
Review: Linn Tukan Monitor
A couple of questions for Tukan users: 1) Are they well suited for wall mounting?2) How would they fare with a mid-fi (Denon) low power SS amp (40 wpc)? That is, relative to other well made monitors? 
Review: Arcam FMJ-CD23 CD Player
I just posted a comparison of the Arcam CD23 with units made by Cary and Heart. The comparison provides a more in depth look at the qualities of the various players (see link at bottom). Here is an exerpt with my impressions of the Arcam alone - a... 
Recommendation for very good inexpensive 35mm SLR.
Sugarbrie,I've heard exactly what you say. The shutter squeak has no affect on performance.Cheers, Peter 
Recommendation for very good inexpensive 35mm SLR.
Canon AE-1 is a good camera. Easy to find used. Alot of parts around. Good optics on lenses. Some have noisy shutters ("shutter squeak"), so you should inquire about that before buying. 
Not too early to consider CES
I too will keep posted on developments to meet. It would be great to meet those I've been communicating with and reading their input in person. 
Manners, Eticks & Audiogon --- What do you think???
I hope this isn't an unwanted intrusion on this thread (another ethical question) but I recently had a situation that I'd like people's ethical opinions on:I responded to an add for a NIB component that someone had bought and then decided to upgra... 
Best Audio Research Tube Amp for Proac 2.5's
Has anyone heard the new VS-110 and VS-55? How do they compare?