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From Benz to?
I still rate the LPS in the top 3 I have heard and would gladly live with one for the rest of my years..  
Nation wide Quality Caring Delivery for Audio Gear
In Australia Pack and Send are really good. Expensive, but they are privately owned franchises that rely on their reputation for business and will cater to your specific needs. I have seen them do some amazingly creative things.  
What was the most impactful addition to your system?
a wallplug  
What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?
not a hope….  
Russian tube supply issues
you can stop buying Apple and Nike for starters…  
Any tubes currently manufactured in the US, Japan or Germany?
nature abhors a vacuum  
Rectifier Tube Rolling in a Modwight LS 36.5DM
the 5R4GY draws an additional 0.1A filament current, and will drop more voltage at any given operating point. Their stated maximum current capabilities are identical. The 5R4GY is directly heated, 5AR4 indirectly: fast voltage ramp up vs slow. Pur... 
Any song recommendations for testing purposes?
+ 100   
Will the used tube amp market suffer?
this has already been done to death  
Decware integrated
build yr own. Easy peasy. It’s a very basic circuit. The schematics are out there. Parafeed versions, CCS versions, you name it. Use Edcor or Tamradio iron for a reasonable facsimile, tube roll, choose yr own boutique coupling capacitors and have ... 
Rectifier Tube Rolling in a Modwight LS 36.5DM
@goofy you may find this article by Lucas Ficas of Lampizator fame of interest: http://www.lampizator.eu/UPGRADE/upgrade%20noval%20tubes%20to%206H6P.html  
Rectifier Tube Rolling in a Modwight LS 36.5DM
@goofy you are highly unlikely to exceed the current capacity of a 5Y3 rectifier with a preamp utilising 2 6H30 tubes and two shunt regs. OTOH the suggestion of substituting 12A*7/ECC81,82, 83’s/5751’s, 7025’s, 6DJ8/6922/ECC88’s is ludicrous as th... 
Ground 'box' what's in them?
an electrician‘s universe begins and ends with ohms law anything else does not compute dig ?  
I miss my Loudness Button and Tone Controls....
if you like them get them  
Any truth to my feeling that MM carts are possibly better than MC on rock recordings?