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Electric cars will ruin late night listening?
using a mains powered electric generator to drive the hi-fi? then we could argue about the relative sonic merits of diesel vs petrol..  
The Triad has been expanded to a quartet
I would add ARC and  Naim because of the quite different pictures they portray and drop Mac.  
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
if you think its over rated, or not good, your ears are messed up. that‘s one hell of a conclusion based on absolutism and leaves no room for the validity of alternative viewpoints. The world is currently in a hell of a mess due to exactly the ... 
Schitt freya preamp hum- how do I get rid of this?
sell the f****** and buy something else..  
Audio Note Power Amps
Get a Wavac and never look back ooh you are naughty……  
Amir and Blind Testing
Or, ’"How illiteracy, Jonestown, emotions, thought forms, ’Jesus Christ-Lust For Glory’, and Spartacus -- all met on the road, one day" and created the Brian Jonestown Massacre ?  
Tekton Design - New IRL Technology - Lifelike, Real, Immersive
in light of the hyperbole used by the proponent, this baby aint goin‘ nowhere quickly….  
Klipsch RP-600 M Vs My Vintage JBLs
very interesting review - thanks  
Looking for warm tube preamp (should pair well with Pass power amp), budget $6000
the SP14 is just a straightforward Aikido design, as published by John Broskie (see Tubecad Journal for full details) with regulated power supplies. Broskie also supplies pc boards and kits for versions which can use the 6SN7 and just about any ot... 
Don Sach's pre amp
I am aware of him crediting the SP-14, but someone with his knowledge of electronics would also be acutely aware that circuit is a straight copy of an Aikido. Given that this topology is well known, has been published in great detail, and has a na... 
Why is most everything remastered?
I just love reading all the pre release publicity on a lot of these remasters telling us how the originals have been enhanced in so many ways, followed by the gushing reviews from the you know who neophytes,  It‘s just one big publicity machine in... 
Looking for warm tube preamp (should pair well with Pass power amp), budget $6000
try swapping a couple of the 6H30 tubes with 6N6P‘s, preferably 60‘s Reflectors with the square getter if you can get hem. Should achieve what u want without changing gear :)  
Electric cars will ruin late night listening?
Likelier they'll ruin your ability to drive cross country. If they truly become a forced monopoly, how so once electric cars inevitably reach critical mass and there are plentiful charging stations and long range batteries?  
What is an audiophile? Are you an audiophile?
my main criterion when evaluating anything audio is “does this increase my enjoyment of the music being played?“ nice troll @pedroeb   
Tube shortage?
eat high end tubes may end up being the case..