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What became of Mahgister?
While I found it difficult to follow Mahgister's communication style or agree with his positions, I give him credit for keeping his composure and always being a gentleman, despite taking a fair amount of blowback.  I think he'd be better off on fo... 
In my experience, the best way to tackle listener fatigue is to treat your listening room with a combination of absorption and diffusion panels. If done properly, you should never have to worry about brightness and/or listener fatigue again. I use... 
Breaking in new speakers, what is your favorite music for this?
@stereo5 ​​​​@blisshifi those are good suggestions if you have a CD player... but what if you only stream?   Classical music, rock, or does it not really matter?  I'm having the crossovers and drivers on vintage refurbished on vintage Altec Lansin... 
Do older power cables still hold up to newer ones?
Nice amp BTW!  The best amp I ever owned was the 70/70 Signature. Regarding power cables... while newer varieties my provide a different flavor, they are not necessarily better IME.  Marketing is the driving force behind cables, most of which is ... 
Sellers Beware of PayPal! (Update)
Pretty sure you want the incoterms to be FOB: Shipping Point, which means the seller is no longer liable once they hand the package off to the shipper.   FOB Destination means the seller is responsible for the package (including lost freight or da... 
purchasing used Ayre V-5xe? good purchase?
I tried this amp about 6 or 7 years ago.  It was just ok, but wasn't a game changer.  Ultimately, I continue to prefer tube amps to SS.  
Streamer Upgrade
@glennewdick Did you use the Nucleus as your streamer straight into your external DAC, or did you have a ROON endpoint in-between?   Am asking because my experience streaming QOBUZ with ROON using the Nucleus with an IFi Zen Stream as the ROON end... 
Sellers Beware of PayPal! (Update)
So PayPal F&F would have prevented this, correct?   I'm only asking as I may be selling my speakers soon and am looking to protect myself.   
Amp for Verity Parsifal encore
Reviving this old thread in case anyone has a pair of Parsifal Ovations they want to sell.  
Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...
Melody Gardot Madeleine Peyroux Erin Bode - Over and Over  
Streamer creates a Wow experience
I know many here like Aurender, but found it to be very buggy and had connectivity issues that I was unable to resolve, despite numerous exchanges with Aurender customer support and sending the unit to Aurender to replace the SS drive.  I give Aur... 
Streamer creates a Wow experience
@soix like you, I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality, especially with such an affordable device as the Zen Stream. Much better sound quality than the Bluesound products IME. In my case, I replaced a buggy Aurender N10 with a Roon Nucl... 
Cheapest way to enhance SQ with digital streaming
@mitch2 It would be interesting to hear your impressions if you took out all supplementary devices that are not required to get sound... just go bare bones with the server and DAC and see how it sounds.     
Modwright LS100 vs LTA MicroZOTL
@soix I am interested in your impressions on the MZ2 as a preamp.  
Less Is Really More - Schiit's New Yggdrasil DAC - Less Is More
@ozzy62 thanks for the laugh!