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Why no acoustically-managed flow for Recordings?
Are you attempting to tout standardization to audiophiles? You have a lot to learn about this crowd! 
ARC PH5-Tube info. and suggestions
I have used the PH 5 for many months. The tubes that ARC uses are the best available for the job that can be gotten, either by the manufacturer or the end user, that will consistently meet known criteria. I have Bugle Boys and Orange Globes and ha... 
Where are the female Audiophiles?
Harry Bealfonte knows when he sings:"Believe me when I say, woman is smarter in every way" 
What do you do when you listen to music?
Unfortunately, I have gotten into the nasty habit of being on the computer so that I never can tell what the stereo image is. I used to sit and read, mostly magazines, before. The best experience, though, is when the music is it and simply sweeps ... 
My favorite Steely Dan song has to be...
Too many good ones to rate like that, just sit back and enjoy the music. Enjoyed the engaging chat with you. Later. 
Confusion about "high-end" racks
Whatever you want and you can afford is worth the price. Glad to see that the main purpose is to hold your equipment. I simply would not give too much credence to claims of vibration reduction having an audible effect, and now you have to throw in... 
Confusion about "high-end" racks
Wwshull, isolate the racks from what exactly? I assume vibrations. Tell me how they can affect the sound to a level of audibility on music? I suspect you will come out with the mantra that the vibrations cause changes in magnetic fields that affec... 
Confusion about "high-end" racks
So you think that racks affect the sound of a system? Aside from the acoustic imprint the shape, size and location of a rack can have in a room, how, exactly, does a rack affect the sound of a system and, if it does, how audible are these effects?... 
Turntable advise for an analog novice
Get a better cart. 
Life after Aerial 10Ts...
One has it as "exaggerated treble and bass", while another has it as "exaggerated upper midrange". Maybe the issue is not with the speakers but with the listener? Notice how no one ever mentions what recording(s) were used in the audition, how lon... 
Willie Nelson, the star who wasn't supposed to be
Why was he not supposed to be? 
Bert kaempfert??
A genius. A pure genius. Right up there with the twin pianos of Ferrante and Teicher. 
Revel Salon 2 versus WP 8
That sort of ends the debate,no? 
Is RIAA equalisation enough for Phono Stages?
Seems to me the original poster was not talking about historic recordings pre RIAA standardization, but that after the adoption of the RIAA curve some recording companies were stubborn or otherwise got creative with eq. Maybe someone can set the r... 
Best Oddball Record Label?
How about Fogerty's Cove Music?